Yak Snacks Dog Chew


We are always being asked about the best dog chew for tough chewers, so we were very excited to start stocking Yak Snacks.

These hard chews are made from Yak’s Milk, Cow’s Milk and a touch of lime juice and salt. Initially we did think that due to the price that not many customers would be interested in trying them. How wrong were we!!

Since starting to stock them a few months ago they have been a top seller in the shop. What we really like about them is that there is no waste at all. With most natural chews you have to remove them from your dog when they become small enough to be a choking hazard. You still have to do this with the Yak Snack, BUT instead of throwing the small piece away you can place it in the microwave where it puffs up like a giant cheesy wotsit, which you can then let your dog munch…after it has cooked obviously.

The all natural minimal ingredients also make them idea for dogs who have a sensitive stomach.

When we tried them with Dougal and Alfie to be honest they were not that interested in them, but then they are lazy chewers. Both of them are really only interested in chew treats that they can demolish in less than 5 minutes. The Yak Snacks do take a bit more punishment with most of our customers saying that they last up to two weeks, although this is not with constant chewing, they are taken away from the dog generally after about 30 minutes.

Yak Snacks come in three sizes so depending on the size of your dog  you can try out the small or medium size before purchasing the large size. The small Yak Snack is £2.99, but due to the small size ( around 8cm long ) it is really only suitable for small puppies and small dogs.They are available on our website here.

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