The Regal Mutt Peanut Butter for Dogs


The Regal Mutt Peanut Butter for Dogs

The Regal Peanut Butter for Dogs is natural peanut butter designed specifically for dogs.

The peanut butter is a great treat for your dog and is ideal for stuffing into dog toys, applying to lickimats or for making dog biscuits/treats.

It is made from 100% natural ingredients (peanut butter 98.2%; vegetable oil 1.8%) and unlike regular peanut butter does not contain any added salt, sugar or sweeteners.

This treat is a great source of heart healthy fats, protein, vitamin B, niacin and Vitamin E.

The Regal Mutt Peanut Butter has been specially formulated for dogs. There is NO Palm Oil, Xylitol, Salt or Added Sugar.

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