Pooch & Mutt Meaty Treats Turkey & Hemp Calming Dog Treats


Pooch & Mutt Meaty Treats Turkey & Hemp Calming Dog Treats are delicious grain-free moist Meaty Treats have been designed with anxious pooches in mind. Even the most laid-back dog can suffer with their nerves from time to time. These calming treats are a great way to help our four-legged friends relax and unwind.

Hemp is an exciting ingredient that has a whole host of benefits. It is an all-natural stress reliever and is rich in Omega 3s, Omega 6s and Antioxidants. While the research is in its infancy and the benefits are still not fully understood, hemp is anecdotally a very effective stress reliever. For some, it seems to be able to reduce stress and even offer mild pain relief. It is worth trying for those dogs with behavioral issues linked to nervousness, such as noise phobias and separation anxiety.

Suitable for all breeds and ages from 12 weeks old.

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