Coconut Rawhide Braided Stick Large


Coconut Large Rawhide Bone is a great chew treat which will keep most medium to large size dogs engaged for a day or so.

Dogs tend to chew on rawhide until it is soft enough to bite a piece off, but we do recommend only giving hide chews when you can supervise your dog incase they get a little over enthusiastic when chewing.

We recommend only giving hide chews on an occasional basis, no more than twice a week.

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Coconut Rawhide Braided Stick Large
For Clean Teeth & Fresh Breath.

100% Pure & Natural without artificial substances!

No Chemical Antioxidants.  No Artificial Fragrances.  No Artificial Flavours.  No Artificial Colours.  No Preservatives.  Fully Digestible.  Non Allergic.  Gluten Free.
Nutritional Analysis
Protein 92.8%, Fat 0.2%, Ash 2%, Fibre 0.4%

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