Ultrasalve Natural First Aid Ointment for Dogs


Ultrasalve is a powerful (but gentle) antibacterial first-aid ointment, with rapid results that are hard to believe! It soothes and aids the natural healing process of all minor cuts and sores and helps to stop licking.

It is also particularly useful for sore & dry skin on the elbows of many dogs, and cracked & sore paws. Ultrasalve is a high quality ointment, which contains 12 special natural ingredients, including high quality pure essential oils and herbal extracts.

Ultrasalve ointment is great to use on minor cuts & bites, sore paws, dry sore noses, weepy lick sores & sore elbows.

It is a product that you should have on hand at all times for your dogs mishaps.

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Ultrasalve First-Aid Ointment is perfect to use on:

    • Minor wounds
    • Scratches, cuts and abrasions
    • Sore, calloused elbows
    • Can be used to reduce irritation to shaved areas post operation
    • Pressure related sores
    • To aid healing & minimise scarring & proud flesh
    • Encourage hair regrowth

How To Use Ultrasalve first-aid ointment

Ultrasalve is very quick and easy to use:

For minor cuts & wounds- Clean the area (preferably with Colloidal Silver), and when dry, apply a thick layer of ointment. Reapply as necessary, up to three times a day.

For dry, sore & calloused elbows – Rub ointment in 1-3 times a day, as necessary.

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