Pawise Eco Friendly Combo Brush


Part of a healthy, eco-friendly range of grooming aids for dogs the Pawise Combo Brush is made with premium quality eco-friendly materials including sustainable bamboo, ensuring a comfortable and effective grooming brush to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy, glossy and tangle-free.

Designed for regular use as part of a grooming regime for your dog the Pawise Combo Brush has been specifically developed to work dead hair out of the coat, leaving it looking fresh, tangle-free and shiny. It’s an ideal finish brush following a deshedding tool such as the Pawise Grooming Brush, leaving your dog looking and feeling his best every day.

Made with premium quality materials to ensure lasting, reliable use the Pawise Combo Brush, available in two sizes, features an ergonomic shaped handle made from sustainable eco-friendly bamboo. It ensures precise grooming, with rounded metal pins ensuring a pleasant grooming experience that is gentle on your dog’s skin whilst effective at removing dead hair. Use alongside others in the Pawise grooming range for best results!

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