Aqua Coolkeeper Dog Cooling Mat Pacific Blue


When the weather heats up, it’s time to keep your dog cool with a pet cooling mat from Aqua Cool Keeper.

These cooling mats help your dog keep cool when the weather is hot and they are also great for keeping dog’s cool when travelling.

Available in five sizes:

  • Small 40cm x 30cm
  • Medium 60cm x 50cm
  • Large 80cm x 60cm
  • XLarge 90cm x 80cm
  • XXLarge 100cm x 90cm

Pacific Blue Design

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Dogs have almost no sweat glands, they can only try to regulate their body temperature by panting or by perspiration through the pads of their paws. But only a very small fraction of a dog’s excess body heat can be lost this way. Therefore dogs are prone to heatstroke which can cause permanent organ damage,  or in some severe cases even death.


Simply place the Aqua Coolkeeper in cold water, the specially developed HydroQuartz inside the product will activate and form an active cooling gel.

The Hydroquartz cooling gel absorbs your dog’s body heat and releases that heat through the process of evaporation. This allows instant and continuous cooling to take place.

The Aqua Coolkeeper stays cool for up to five days.


The dog cooling mat is reusable over and over again. A quick hand wash with a mild soap in cold or warm water and the Aqua Coolkeeper dog cooling mat is as good as new.

No Freezer or refrigeration required.

While this product will help keep your dog cool please do not leave dogs in a car, even on a cloudy day the temperature inside a car can rise very quickly and make sure if your dog is outside that they have plenty of fresh drinking water and access to shade from the hot sun.


Your product has a label on it with a clock and a ruler symbol:

The clock indicates the maximum amount of minutes to leave the product in water when using it for the first time.

The ruler indicates the maximum thickness the product should become when it is in the water.


All materials in the Aqua Coolkeeper products have been thoroughly tested in several renowned labs in Europe and the USA. These tests have not indicated any allergic reactions and have proven that the cooling gel inside the product are non-toxic.

We do not recommend that you leave an unsupervised dog who is prone to chewing alone with the product as if the dog chews through the product and consumes the gel inside it will absorb a great deal of body fluid as it expands so it could be very dangerous for your pet. In the event of consumption please consult your vet immediately.

Do not allow your product to come into contact with salt water, petrol, oily liquids, alcohol bleach or chlorine as these substances will damage the product.

When storing your product please ensure it is completely dry (this could take several days). Please do not store your product until it is completely dry, it will feel hard to the touch somewhat like it was when you first purchased it. If you store the product when it is damp you will increase the risk of mould forming so please allow your product to dry out.

Although you can chill the product in the fridge in very hot conditions but it should not be placed in the freezer.

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