Zippy Burrow Festive Chimney Dog Toy Extra Large

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Cute Zippy Burrow Extra Large Festive Chimney Dog Toy comes with two squeaking reindeers and a Santa in a plush red and white chimney.

Great for dogs who love puzzle games, and ideal as an interactive toy for you and your dog.

Ideal for small to medium dogs.

This toy is also available in a smaller size for small to medium breeds.

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Zippy Burrows are designed for dogs who love to pull the stuffing out of soft toys.

The idea is that they get the satisfaction of pulling the reindeers and Santa out of the red chimney.

Usually this means that they don’t actually destroy the extra large chimney, however we can’t say that they won’t send some of the reindeers to dog toy heaven!

This is an interactive dog toy, designed for you to spend some time with your dog, your job is to stuff the little reindeers and Santa inside the reindeer, your dog’s job is to fetch them out.

This particular burrow is one of the most difficult as there is only one hole to stuff the reindeers and Santa in, so they are a little harder to pull out than some of the other shapes.

We suggest starting play time with any of the burrow toys by placing one of the small toys inside the burrow with the addition of a treat if your dog has not encountered this type of toy before.Then as they get more experienced you can stuff all of the small toys inside.

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