Summertime Fun


You can get ready for summer with some of the latest products to arrive in Dougal’s Den

Aqua CoolKeeper

We have a great range of the ever popular Aqua Coolkeeper products now in our shop and available on line. This range is a premium cooling range all of which contain a gel which you activate by soaking the product for a few minutes (the larger the mat, bandana or coat, the longer you need to soak it for)

The cooling mats are great for travelling with your dog as you can pop them in your dog’s bed or crate and the mat will help keep them cool on long journeys.

The cooling bandanas and coats are good for those times when you have to be out in the heat with your pooch, they will help keep them cooler for short walks in the sunshine.

All for Paws Chill Out Range

Fab fun thirst crunch toys from All for Paws, you can soak these toys for some wet and wild fun with your dog this summer. With two Ice Cream designs, Watermelon and Orange Slice designs great for dogs who like to play out in the sunshine, if they forget to stop for a drink these toys can help make sure they are taking on some fluids!

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