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Antos Origins Roots Natural Dog Chews

Got a dog who loves to chew?

These Antos Origins Roots are a great for power chompers and especially good for non fussy chewers who love to chew stick, obviously a lot safer than letting your dog chew any old sticks.

If you dog loves antlers why not try these as an alternative!


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Product Description


Antos Origins Roots are an eco-sustainable source of dog chew. All Antos Origins Roots are hand harvested in protected areas to ensure there is no damage to the roots. Only the tuber of the root is harvested which then sprouts again. They are limited to a responsible number each year, thus keeping the ecological impact to a minimum.

They are fun and beneficial to your dog. Anco Roots will not splinter like regular sticks. They are extremely durable so are the perfect chew toy which also acts as a natural toothbrush. They are suitable for every dog from puppy ( after they have all their adult teeth) to adult and there is an originons root suitable for any dog size.

Origins won’t splinter, are low in fat and contain no artificial additives or preservatives.

Since stocking these products they have been extremely popular and feedback so far is that they are a very long lasting. They are priced from £5.99 - £14.49 depending on the size so whilst they are not the cheapest of our dog chews their durability makes them a worthwhile investment for the power chompers out there.

We only recommend these for keen chewers, you know the dogs that destroy everything else in a matter of minutes! They are quite hard work as your dog as to work at them to grind them down. Small pieces can come off but they are small enough not to be a choking hazard.

Ensure you choose the right size for your dogs bite.

  • Extra Small Roots weigh 60-150g
  • Small Roots weigh 150-300g
  • Medium Roots weigh 300-500g
  • Large Roots weigh 500-750g
  • Extra Large Roots weigh 750 -1kg

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Anco
Variety Natural
Colour No


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