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As a leading pet store, Dougals Den has a whole host of dog accessories for your best friend, including dog toys, dog bowls, dog training and dog health aids and accessories that keep your pooch happy and healthy.

We launched in 2010 as a forward thinking company who are passionate about pooches and absolutely love stylish pet products. We know just how important it is that you have a healthy dog, who is well trained, groomed and content which is why our store is filled with stylish yet functional products.

The team here are working very hard to add new products to our online pet store every day, with a comprehensive catalogue of products, we have a huge range of specialist and exclusive dog toys and accessories that will delight even the occasional shopper.

If you want to add a pet feeding mat to your pets feeding area or want to find designer dog toys that keep your best friend free from boredom, we have it. And, if you are planning to travel with your dog or need accessories with which you will begin puppy training, we have it.

We’ve made our online store easy to use and invite you to take a look around the shop for a truly fun and unrivalled shopping experience. Shop today or read our blog for tips and offers - whatever your choice the team is here to make your experience an exciting one.

Find wonderful dog toys, dog bowls and designer accessories today and benefit from bringing fun and fashion to your dogs life!

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  • Zippy Paws Crinkle Dragonfly Dog Toy

    Super cute crinkle dragonfly is a great toy for smaller to medium size dogs.

    It contains a large squeaker in the body and the butterfly wings are stuffed with crinkle material.

    Also a good toy for introducing puppies to new sounds.

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  • Petflys Knit Knacks Organic Cotton Crocheted Hot Dog Dog Toy

    Super cute organic crocheted dog toy. The Knick Knack range from Petflys is just beautiful.

    These toys are ideal for toy breeds, very small puppies or gentle small dogs.

    The Dougal's Den team squealed with delight when we first saw them.

    This hot dog design is called Hottie and your dog will love this little squeaky toy.

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  • Kong Gyro Dog Toy

    This unpredictable rolling and tipping KONG Gyro is bound to fascinate your dog for hours on end!

    The stable red ring stays firmly in place, fastened to a dynamic rolling blue ball that can be filled with treats or dry kibble.

    Your dog  will quickly learn that it needs to bump and roll the KONG Gyro around in order to earn itself something tasty to chew! Every now and then treats will fall from the ball, rewarding your dog for its efforts and encouraging it to keep playing.

    The cleverly-designed tumbling feeding toy is ideal for keeping your dog occupied, particularly if you do not have time to play. The KONG Gyro can easily be filled with your dog’s favourite snacks and will not only offer enjoyment but will also text your dog’s skilfulness!

    The upper half of the ball can easily be unscrewed and removed in order to fill the ball and clean it, then simply screwed back on. Let the fun begin! The KONG Gyro is made from extra strong materials that make it strong and reliable.

    Treat your dog to this top quality toy from premium producer KONG.


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