Doggie Liver Wuff Muffins Recipe


As part of the first Leek Food and Drink Festival which tool place this weekend, we decided to try some Liver Muffins as special doggie treats in our shop.

We had so many comments about them and how much the doggies loved them that we though we better publish the recipe. We have to say though that if you decide to make these at home you will have a very attentive dog watching your every move. From the moment I opened the liver to the second they were cool enough to eat the boys watched my every move.

You will need some muffin tins ( we did two versions with paper cases and without), we think the without worked better as they do tend to stick to the paper cases, but if you have non stick muffin tins they just pop out like a dream, you will need to grease the muffin tins if they are not non stick.


500g Liver ( we used lambs liver, which was very cheap!)

500g Wholemeal Flour ( you could use rice flour if your dog needs to have gluten free)

3 eggs



1. Pulse the liver in a food processor until it is smooth ( you can leave it chunky if you prefer but they will take a little longer to cook if you do this). Have to warn you if you hate liver you will detest it by the time you have watched it wiz around and turn into a sticky pink gloop, but your dogs will love you for life.

2. Mix in the eggs, still in the processor.

3. Put the flour in a big bowl, and mix in the liver and egg mixture.

4. You will need to add water to make the mixture such that you can easily spoon it out, but not too thin that it is like a pouring batter

5. Spoon into your muffin tin the mixture will not rise so its up to you how big you pile them up

Cook in a 170˚C for about 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.

I left them in the muffin tins for about 10 minutes and then cooled them on a wire rack.

You can pop them in the fridge where they will last for about 5 days or you can freeze them and defrost when required.

I decided to decorate some with a little cream cheese on the top and I confess I did but some coloured ready made icing and cut out some small orange bones as an added touch, but you can leave this step out if you are a stickler for no sugar.

You could also put this mixture into a shallow tin and use it cut up small as training treats.

Oh and special thanks to all the people who bought a Wuff muffin, we were selling them in aid of Moorlands Dog Rescue, we announce the amount we raised later this week.

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