Dog Food at Dougal’s Den


We stock four brands of dog food at Dougal’s Den. All of the food we stock is grain free and premium quality food. Although you might think the food is more expensive than your current brand, because the meat content in our dog food is higher, you actually feed less in volume. This usually means it is not as expensive as you would first think.

Our ethos behind the brands we stock is simple, the food should not contain any nasties, by that we mean anything that you cannot recognise, such as meat derivatives. It should not contain and fillers such as corn or wheat which are harder for dogs to digest. Artificial colours are also a no no in our opinion.

All of our dog food has a high meat content, starting with Lily’s Kitchen at around 45% meat content, through to Canagan and Eden Semi Moist which have 60-65% meat content, up to Eden Working Dog which has 80% meat content.

Lilys Kitchen

You will find most of the Lily’s Kitchen dry kibble range at Dougal’s Den along with their wet foods in tins and in trays for smaller dogs. The trays are also great for adding a little bit to dry kibble to encourage fussy dogs who sometimes refuse dry kibble. Lily’s Kitchen Kibble is available in 1kg, 2.5kg and 7kg bags.


We stock most of the Canagan dry kibble range and a variety of their wet food in tins. Canagan is a popular choice if you want to feed a high meat content foot but have found that our Eden range is a little too rich for your dog. Canagan also have a range of kibble sizes, Small Breed for puppies or smaller breeds of dog, and Large Breed for larger dogs with a bigger mouth size.

Eden Working Dog

Eden was one of the first dog foods we started stocking and it is our best selling dog food. This range has the highest meat content of all of the dog foods we stock, coming in at 80%. Eden is available in 1kg bags for small dogs or for those who do not have a lot of storage space at home and 15kg bags for larger dogs. Available in 2 kibble sizes, small and medium.

Eden Semi Moist

Eden Semi Moist is a new addition to our range of dog foods, great for dogs who prefer a softer bite or who will not eat dry kibble alone. Available in two varieties, Duck and Tripe, and Wild Boar and Pheasant. We stock the 2kg bags and 6kg bags and can order in the 12kg bags if required.

Thinking of changing your dog’s food?

If you are thinking of changing your dog’s current food then you can always pop into the shop to discuss things with us. If you want to see how your current dog food rates, there is an excellent website All About Dog Food which rates most of the dog food’s available. It is a completely independent website where you can see how the various brands rate. Our simple advice is if your current dog food rates 3.5 or more on their site then you know it is a reasonable quality food. Unless your dog has issues with their current food or you want to upgrade them to a higher quality food you can be assured that you are feeding your dog well.

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