Amazing finds for the furry kind


  • Hide a Toy Gingerbread House Tested by Pickles

    We love it when we see pictures or even better video's of your pets having fun with our products. So we just had to share this video from Karen Wild aka @wildpaw and the amazing Pickles with the Hide a Toy Gingerbread House from Kyjen. Pickles is a very clever pooch, well what else would you expect having a training and behaviour expert as his hu-mum! In this sequence you can see Pickles correctly get the ginger bread man toy out of the house first. The toys are part of the interactive dog toys from kyjen which we stock. They are extremely popular toys for dogs who need a little more than just a toy they can chew or chase.

  • Labradoodle Honking the Horn

    This little cutie decided that he had had enough and wanted to go home so he honked the horn much to the amusement of his owners!  

  • Pippa Langhorne & Buddy Christmas Style

    Last month at the LovePets show in Peterborough we had the great pleasure of meeting the lovely Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Pippa Langhorne and her Lhasa Apso, Buddy. Pippa has a truly enchanting voice and we all thoroughly enjoyed watching her entertain the visitors to the show with her lovely boy. After one of her performances Pippa stopped by our stand and Buddy tried on one of our fun Dog Elf Costumes, as you can see he looks very cute. However the pup was not that impressed by the outfit ( we think he did not like the little elf feet ). So instead Buddy is now sporting one of our Santa Hoodies, we think he look so cute and we hope that his Santa Hoodie will keep him warm and looking festive right the way through to Christmas Day.



    You can find out all about Pippa and Buddy here and even watch some of her performances. We have a great range of christmas wear for your pooch from bandanas to hats and even some cute doggie ties so your dog can feel dressed up for christmas day without too much effort!

  • Kyjen Gecko Invincibles

    We have a great new range of invincibles dog toys from Kyjen just in time for christmas. If your dog loves squeaky toys, but gets bored when they have managed to puncture the squeaker these toys could be just what you need. The toys are fun gecko designs in blue or orange fabric with no stuffing, just the special design squeaker inside they are available in two sizes. You can see one being tested in the video below. Now then of course the toy is not totally indestructible no dog toy is, and if you let your dog chew through the fabric then the gecko will be no more. Having two cairn terriers we know only too well how dogs can nibble and nibble until guess what there is a little hole, the stuffing is removed together with the squeaker. Bye Bye Toy. These toys do not contain any stuffing and whilst we cannot guarantee that this toy will last forever, if your dog is less of a nibbler and more of a squeak freak then this toy will continue to squeak even when they have managed to puncture it.

  • Dougal's Den Ducks

    Welcome to our four lovely ladies! Beaky, Feathers, Margo and Webber. We were asked to look after Beaky the duck by our farm friends as she needs to be kept safely locked away overnight to keep her safe from Mr Fox and when we got her we though she was a bit lonely so we got her some new pals. As you can see the ducks absolutely love their paddling pool, and they are now so tame that they will almost eat corn from our hands. They are a bit of extra work as we have to make sure they have clean water at all times and we also have the delight of duck poo clearing which takes part on Sunday mornings. The dogs treat them very differently, Dougal basically ignores them Ozzy however is a different matter I think in typical terrier fashion he is planning the moment he can get through the fence to do some duck chasing. The girls are lovely to watch splish splashing around and the sheer delight they get from a plastic pool full of water makes me smile.

  • Anne-Claire Petit Knitted Toys

    We just love Anne-Claire Petit knitted toys and recently we found this video which shows off some of their great designs.

    The knitted toys are not really dog or cat toys unless you have the most well behaved pet, guess that rules all of our bunch out.  Instead you could treat a friend who loves dogs and cats to one of the lovely animals we stock. Our range includes Terriers, Dachshunds, Flat Cats and Flat Dogs in lots of different colours. Remember they are also suitable for children from birth onwards as they have no small parts which might get into little hands or mouths!

  • Dougal and Ozzy

    Quick post for all the guys and gals who have been asking to see Dougal and new addition Ozzy together. This was shot a few weeks ago on one of our morning walks, as you can see Ozzy is still a little cheeky with Dougal and really just needs putting in his place. Dougal bless him is the perfect gent and only really gets annoyed when his food is under attack. Even though he is 15 as you can see the old guy still manages the odd charge or two to catch up after a sniff around the mole hills. The young'un is still so fascinated by everything that is is almost impossible to get him to stand still for a photo so you can see much more of him on a video. Hope you all enjoy seeing the boys together as much as we enjoy being with them every day.

  • Poochie Bells Tried and Tested

    Since we are the only UK stockists of Poochie Bells I asked Kajsa who I met through twitter to test out  the doggie doorbell. Here is her full and frank review! I'd heard of these bells through a podcast and wondered if it might be useful for my pupster (Bumble, 6-month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier) to get to grips with. You see, she's fairly good at telling me when she needs to go; she sits quietly and patiently by the back door until I go and open it. Unless I don't know she's there, because she's quiet and patient, in which case she finds the next best place to do her business, which of course is indoors... I didn't want to encourage barking or scratching so when I heard of these bells I thought it was a great idea! Luckily I follow Dougal's Den on Twitter and saw they wanted a dog trainer to review the bells, so I signed up. I received the bells very quickly in a neat little package and was extremely pleased with the look and quality of the bells - they really are very cute (I got the "cold nose, warm heart" bells). I read the instructions and was a little bit confused as it (more or less) just said to hang the bells up, ring them every time the dog goes out and eventually the dog will start ringing the bells themselves. Well, I tried this with Bumble and she paid no attention to it whatsoever. So I decided on a different tact. I've taught her the "touch" command, whereby I hold my hand out, say "touch!" and she touches it with her nose. I changed it so that every time she wanted to go out, I held the bell out, told her to "touch" and as soon as she did, I opened the door and said "good girl!". Her reward was only the door opening and the "good girl". I carried on doing this with my hand slowly moving further away from the bells and my command changing from "touch" to "ring the bell". I had to do this very gradually as she wasn't convinced she needed to ring the bell to be let out. I received the bells on 6th Nov and on the 25th Nov she rang them on my command when I was nowhere near the bells. The next morning 26th Nov she sat by the door and I could see her starting to look at the bells, so I just waited and - hey presto! - she rang the bells without prompting! What a clever pupster! So it's taken three weeks, but perseverance pays off. In Summary - Quick shipment - Excellent product - quality at a good price; looks cute hanging on the door - Instructions are not the easiest to follow and I don't think they'll work for all dogs, but I think any dog is capable of learning how to use the bells - Great idea. Now Bumble can actually tell me when she needs to go instead of me guessing all the time. Highly recommended. Kajsa is a dog trainer hence the reason we asked her to try the Poochie Bells out and her company Cassy & Co can also take care of your pet sitting and  dog walking in both Nottingham and London. You can even check out this great video of Bumble with her Poochie Bells. Thanks to Kajsa for taking the time to test the Poochie Bells out for us.

  • Ozzy Versus the Halloween Ghoul

    Well little Ozzy has been with us just over a week and he is beginning to settle in. He is a typical puppy inquisitive, funny, nosey and a bit smelly sometimes. He surprises us constantly and is very funny when he encounters something for the first time like this singing Halloween Ghoul. He did not like it much when it was singing ( it sings the monster mash, and the little pumpkin joins in with the chorus) , but he got a little braver when it shut up! He has his 1st Puppy Class tonight at the local vets so no doubt we will have lots more stories about his antics with other dogs. He and Dougal are getting along fine now that he has been put in his place a few times. The cats are a different story they have stayed out of his way all week and only ventured inside the house this weekend. I have made them a comfortable bed in the hall so that they can be inside without having to go near the new pup. Hopefully they will come around soon and realise that Ozzy's bark is much worse than his bite..most of the time

  • Ozzy Versus Carrot

    Ozzy trying out a carrot for the very first time a typical puppy wanting to try out new things and carrots are a good healthy snack that won't mean weight gain. Ozzy will be testing out some of our puppy products so look out for more fun and games from the Prince of Dogness.

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