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  • Holiday time for you and your pet

    For many of you it is now well and truly holiday time and you may be going away for a couple of weeks or maybe just a few days. We will be having a little holiday soon and we have had to get busy getting the holiday clothes out (mostly to see which one's still fit!) as well as some last minute shopping for holiday essentials. When we go away we have the usual list of instructions for the lovely Jacqui who looks after the pooches. The old boy is on lots of medication so we find ourselves writing out lots of instructions on when and how medication can be taken as well as the usual helpful notes to make sure that the dogs have a great time while we are away.

    Pet Sitter Note Pads

    We found these lovely Pet Sitter Note Pads from RiverDogPrints and thought what a great idea! The note pads are available in Dog or Cat versions and have plenty of space to put all of the vital information that your pet sitter might need! They are also printed on 100% recycled paper and each pad has 50 pages. They measure 13.5cm x 21.5cm and are backed with sturdy cardboard. The note pads have space for the following information Dogs/Cats Name, Contact Info, Food & Feedings, Alternate Contact Info, Rooms/Furniture off-limits, Veterinarian Contact Info, Play/Excerise Needed, Permissions, Houses to Avoid on Walks, Medications, Grooming, Household Tasks, Notes. So you can go on holiday safe in the knowledge that all of the vital information your pet sitter will need to make sure your furry friend has a great holiday too. The note pads are available in our shop and have 10% off while stocks last on the complete River Dog Prints range!

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