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  • Lazy Sunday

    We had a very lazy sunday morning, as you can see Dougal and Ozzy McDougal had a lie in as well. No such luck this morning as we have a busy day ahead and the pooches were awake from around 5:45am!

    Dogs in Bed


    Hope you all had a lovely weekend and with a bit of luck we will all have some warm sunny weather.

  • Chatsworth Freddie...and Andre

    It's not often that we get the chance to say that we personally know a TV star so we were very happy to hear at the weekend that our good friend Andre will be appearing in the BBC1 series on Chatsworth House. We watched the first episode on Monday evening and we thought that Andre was an absolute star, we loved his reaction to the underpants left in the farm shop toilets! We did not realise all of the things that he has to deal with. Anyhow we believe that Andre will feature again in episode three with his lovely dog Freddie so we thought we would show you a sneak preview of the lovely Freddie with one of our Seamsters tough dog toys. Feddie with Seamsters   Freddy having a good old chew Freddie is a lovely Cocker Spaniel and he lives on the Chatsworth estate with Andre and David, and you will be able to see him in action on telly on the 28th May at 9pm on BBC1 Freddie with Seamsters Dog Toy

  • Jinks & Poochie Bells

    Jinx on chair


    We love to get pictures of our happy customers so we were delighted when Jane sent us these lovely pictures of her cutie Cairn Terrier Jinks. Jane contacted us about some grooming advice for Cairns and we were more than happy to help explain what we do with the boys Dougal and McTini!!
    Jinks as a puppy


    Jinks and Chickens


    We think Jinks is such a cutie and say a huge thanks to Jane for sending us these lovely pictures. Jinks is being trained to ring her Poochie Bells to let everyone know when she wants to go outside. As you can see she is getting the hang of what she has to do.
    Poochie Bells


    If you would like your furry friend to be featured in our Happy Customers gallery then please send your pictures to and tell us all about your pooch! All happy customers featured receive a free gift from Dougal's Den!

  • Harmful foods for Dogs

    What with it being days away from Easter we know there is going to be a lot of chocolate consumed ( we are actually looking forward to a little bit of a break too! ) . Now almost everyone must know that chocolate can be very harmful to dogs, but you might be surprised to hear about some other foods that are potentially harmful for dogs. So we created this lovely infographic to show you the foods that you might not know about! Poisonious Dog Foods So make sure you keep all your lovely easter eggs and choccie treats well away from your dogs. We wish you all a very Happy Easter, and remember there is still one day left to order any goodies for your pets. If you order by the 4th April and select 1st Class Post they should get there in time for Easter.

  • Easter Gifts for Pet Lovers

    Almost Easter and you still have not managed to get all of your easter gifts organised? This year instead of easter eggs why not have a look at our great gift selection for pet lovers. We have some gorgeous knitted dogs and cats from Ann Claire Petit which are suitable not only as gifts for dog lovers but also are totally child safe as they have no bits that can be pulled of by little fingers.

    Anne Claire Petit Dog


    Ann Claire Petit Cats


      Or how about Morris the useful Mule, a cute addition to any desk and is available in three colours, and he will even hold your pencil or pen in his mouth.
    Morris the Mule


        If you are always forgetting where your keys or mobile phone is how about our Doorganizer, just hang it over a door handle and you will never leave home without your phone or keys again.


      Or how about some stylish stationery for dog or cat lovers? We have some handy note pads as well as sets of beautiful cards with lined envelopes. Cat Note Pad Dog Note Pad Wagging Card   Lab Card Finally if you are heading off for Easter and need to leave a note for the dog or cat sitter why not treat yourself to one of our Pet Sitter Note Pads you can leave all the relevant information your pet sitter will need to make sure your pooch or puss is well looked after while you are away. Pet Sitter Insutructions   Our last day for posting out in time for Easter is the 3rd April, we will still process orders received after this date but they may not arrive in time for Easter. We will be closed from on Friday 6th to Tuesday 10th April, although you can still order from the website, we will not be processing orders until the 10th April. Whatever you get up to at Easter we hope you have a lovely time, oh and remember do not give your dog's chocolate and make sure all those Easter Eggs are out of paws reach!

  • Crufts 1st Show

    Well we are almost recovered from our very 1st visit to Crufts as Dougal's Den. We returned with very sore feet, lots of new customers and very little stock. But we had a ball and really enjoyed meeting our customers face to face as well as a whole bunch of our twitter pals.

    Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy


    The most popular toy was as expected the Hide a Squirrel dog toy, closely followed by the Bottle Buddies and I hope all of you remember out little tip about filling the bottle with water and popping it in the freezer to help keep your pooches cool when the weather starts to warm up. The great news is that we have some limited stock of all of these toys available online!
    Bottle Buddy Dog


    Thanks for all of your positive comments about the Poochie Bells product, the best seller was Best Friend in Purple and in case you are wondering some of the designs are not available on the website yet as we only just got them in time for Crufts but they should be on the site by the end of this week at the latest.
    Poochie Bells Best Friend


    We also hope to have some doggie bells available for those of you who asked about bells to place on your dog's collar or harness so watch this space over the next few weeks. We are now busy trying to get a whole boat load of Kyjen Toys over from the USA as well as researching some new products that visitors to our stand helpfully mentioned they had spotted on their travels. So if the shop looks a bit empty at the moment please try again in a few weeks time. This was our 1st year at Crufts and we totally underestimated the amount of toys you guys would buy!! We would love to see your pics of your doggies with their new toys and poochie bells so why not post a photo on our facebook page , we will pick a winner at the end of the week and they will get a special delivery of some yummy fish4dogs treats!

  • Crufts Infographic

    We are almost ready for Crufts! All the Poochie bells are packed up and we are ready to launch some brand new designs alongside all of the old favourites. We also have some new dog toys from Kyjen our absolute favourite dog toy company. We hope to meet many of our customers face to face and paw to paw as well as being able to catch up with some friends, so if you are popping along don't forget to come and see us in Hall 1 Stand 78. In the meantime to get you in the mood have a look at our latest infographic which is of course all about Crufts!     Crufts Info Graphic

  • Google Dogs - what do we all search for on line? [Infographic]

    Ever wondered what the dog lovers are searching for on line? We were fascinated when we saw some of the statistics from Google. We thought that most of our dog loving pals would find the final statistic about the search term "What is a cat?" fascinating. Dougals Den Pet Google Search Infographic Please feel free to share this infographic on your blog or website using the following code. <img src=" " alt="Google Pet Searches”  title="Google Pet Searches" /><br />Google Pet Searches Infographic created by <a href="" target="_blank">Jasmine Bould at Dougal’s Den</a> for <a href="" target="_blank">Dougal’s Den</a>.

  • Hide a Toy Gingerbread House Tested by Pickles

    We love it when we see pictures or even better video's of your pets having fun with our products. So we just had to share this video from Karen Wild aka @wildpaw and the amazing Pickles with the Hide a Toy Gingerbread House from Kyjen. Pickles is a very clever pooch, well what else would you expect having a training and behaviour expert as his hu-mum! In this sequence you can see Pickles correctly get the ginger bread man toy out of the house first. The toys are part of the interactive dog toys from kyjen which we stock. They are extremely popular toys for dogs who need a little more than just a toy they can chew or chase.

  • Seamsters Dog Toy Tested

    We are always very excited to find a new dog toy to test and when we heard that one of our favourite brands Kyjen had introduced a new concept in dog toys for chewers well we had to get some in stock. They are called seamsters and the concept is simple, combine a rubber dog toy with a rawhide chew for dogs who love to chew. So you have a rubber toy, shaped like a bone or a rugby ball, or American Football depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on. The rubber shapes have strategically placed slots which you then thread thin rawhide strips through. Then give to your pooch to investigate, we choose Ozzy McDougal for this test as he is generally more interested in the chew type toys. He has the small weave bone seamster toy in his paws and as you can see he is kept pretty busy with the toy. He spent quite a while trying to get the rawhide bits off the toy and even after the strip was removed he was still quite interested in the toy. The best thing was that he could only get little bits of the rawhide chew off the toy at any one time making it a much safer option, than just giving him the rawhide chew on is own. We have the full range in stock as well as the replacement rawhide strips designed to complement the toys. The recommendation is to soak the specially designed rawhide strips in water to let them soften, rethread the toy and leave it to harden before letting your dog have the toy again for safety reasons. However we also found that the very thin strips of hide chew available in supermarkets or pet shops will sometimes fit depending on their thickness, but they will not be as easy to thread. An added bonus with the football shaped toy is that the two halves are actually threaded together and there is space inside to place a few smaller treats or pieces of dried kibble, making it an even more interesting toy for your curious pooch. Once again Kyjen have come up with a great toy range which we are sure will prove very popular with all of our doggie customers.

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