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  • Staffordshire Moorlands Update on Dog Control Orders

    Two stories have struck me this week about dogs in cemeteries the first one was reported widely on social networks and told of a dog called Captain who for the last 6 years has slept next to the grave of his owner. According to reports as soon as Captain realised that his owner Miguel Guzman had passed away he sought out the grave and despite efforts to keep the dog at home he has always managed to get right back to the Cemetery so now that is where he lives looked after by the Cemetery Director and caretakers. Now Captain is very lucky to have people who are looking after him and also to live in Argentina where dogs appear to be allowed into cemeteries.

    Captain Dog Photo Credit : La Voz
    If he were to be living in some parts of the Staffordshire Moorlands he would not even be allowed to set a paw inside the cemetery because as reported in this week's Leek Post and Times it will soon be an offence in four parish councils to allow a dog to be in a cemetery. The remainder of the parish councils (apart from Cheddleton and Ipstones who have rejected the plans) have opted for the softer regulation of having to have any dogs on a lead if they are entering a cemetery. Whilst I understand that irresponsible dog owners may allow their dogs to run around or foul on sacred ground, I  also remember that taking a friend's dog around a local cemetery for a bit of peace and quiet was one of the things that my own mum enjoyed. What about the elderly relative who may want to pay their respects along with a loyal dog, sadly in some places this will be against the law. So yet another law, part of the Dog Control Orders which will require consultation ( read money ) design and wording of the signs ( read money ) and should anyone fall foul of this law....some enforcement activity noted as "where possible" ( read more money ). I believe this law will penalise responsible dog owners and the community who have to pay for its implementation. I expect that anyone who currently allows their dogs to run riot through local cemeteries will continue ignoring the law and any attempts to enforce it. So it seems the likes of Captain a latter day Greyfriars Bobby will soon not be welcome in some parts of the Staffordshire Moorlands. What do you think is this a law too far or do you agree with stricter controls on dogs in public areas?

  • New York Dogs

    We have just got back from a short hop across to New York where we took some time out check out the Dog and Pet Boutique scene stateside. It is always great to have a look around other pet businesses to get ideas for new products.

    Cat in NYC pet shop Cute cat keeping customers happy
    In New York dogs are everywhere to be seen with owners out on early morning dogs walks around the city and yes we did see a fair amount of dogs being carried in bling carriers by equally blinged up owners! We visited pet shops in Greenwich Village, and Lexington Avenue as well as a few smaller shops dotted around the city.
    Cute Dog Collars and Leads Cute Dog Collars and Leads
    Whilst we did not see too many new products it was great to see how the shops were set out, it gave us lots of ideas for our new retail premises which we hope to set up very very soon. A visit to the Container Store also saw us leaving with various doggie themed items which we wish we could get in the UK!

      Finally having shopped on almost every floor in Macy's we were delighted to find right next to the bar in the basement a huge doggie themed display of Marc Tetro products and we simply could not resist bringing a few of the pop up cards home with us as well as a beautiful scottie dog canvas print. ( which luckily made it back across the pond in one piece)

    Marc Tetro Art Marc Tetro Art
      We would love to hear what new dog or cat products you have spotted while you have been on holiday, and if we like the sound of it you might find them in stock at Dougal's Den!

  • Dogs Dinner Update

    Dogs Dinner Logo Just a quick update about our Dogs Dinner event which we held last Friday. So far we have raised £392 for the charity Hounds For Heroes so a huge thank you goes out to everyone who made a donation. We had great fun at the virtual twitter event, it was great to say hello to some new friends who were joining in the fun on twitter for the 1st time, and of course @frugaldougal loved saying a big hello to all of his #pawpawty pals. Thanks also goes out to all of the generous people who donated a prize for the pawty, we believe that all of the prizes are now on their way to the lucky recipients. We posted ours out earlier this week, and we know that the UK winners have received theirs already. A huge thank you to all of our friends from all over the world who came together at short notice to help out so Hai Paw to all the barktenders and DJ's and schedule oeganisers, as always we could not do any of this without your help. The donations page is still open so if you have any spare pennies you can always help support Hound for Heroes  on the donation page. We are busy in the background updating the PawPawty website where you can see all of the charities we have helped over the past three years. As soon as it is up and running we will let you know the new schedule of #pawpawy events.

    Dougal says Woof Woof
  • Dogs Dinner Pawpawty Vital Info

    Dogs Dinner Logo

    Here is all the vital information you need for the Dogs Dinner PawPawty

    Please use the hashtag #dogsdinner when tweeting so you can be seen by others at the event

    You can see all of the great prizes on offer on the

    Dogs Dinner Prizes

    You can check out the Menu created for the event by @flicka47

    Dogs Dinner Menu

    The Barktender and DJ Schedule so you can see who is on Duty is here

    Barktender and DJ Schedule

    If you can spare any pennies to donate to our charity this is the link

    Dogs Dinner Pawpawty Donations

    To read more about the Dogs Dinner Charity check out the link

    Hounds for Heroes

    We hope you have fun at the event, if you want to be in with a chance of winning prizes please make sure you are following @frugaldougal who will be quizzing and our @dougalsden account as we will be acting as backup if Dougal gets thrown in twitterjail!!


  • Hungry Hector Dog Treats Arrive at Dougal's Den


    Hungry Hector Dog Treats Nom Nom Nom
    We are very excited to let you know that we are now a stockist for Hungry Hector Dog Treats. As you know we are always on the look out for new products so we were delighted when we spotted the new range of treats made in the UK, in sunny Cornwall to be specific. All of the treats in the range are softly baked to make them easy to break, making them ideal as tasty nibbles when you are training your dog. With no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives they are a truy healthy dog treat. The Hungry Hector team only use named suppliers and they also use local suppliers wherever possible. The herbs are grown in their own poly tunnels, they only use Doves Brown Rice Flour or Mornflake Rolled Oates in the treats so no they are an ideal wheat free treat. All of the baking takes place in human grade kitchens and they do not outsource any of their baking. The treats have been developed in conjunction with Katherine Davis who works at the Regents Court Vets in Penzance. There are different types of treats in the range including Cornish Tasty Tiddlers, Doggie Oggie Cornish Pastie Treats and Yummy Liver Cake so you are sure to find one that your pooch will love. The treats come in two separate sealed packets so you can open one while the other has all the freshness sealed in. We have tried the treats out on Dougal and Ozzy McTini and they absolutely love them, in fact they have sampled so many that we will have to place another order very very soon.

  • Dogs Dinner Roll up Roll up

    We have been a bit behind at getting organised for our Dogs Dinner Events but hopefully we will have everything ready in time! The 1st Event is on Friday 14th September from 6pm in the evening until 1am in the early hours of the 15th and as you know it will all take place on twitter its a kind of mini #pawpawty. You can come along and join in the fun and games, it will be full of crazy cat ladies and mad dog mums and I expect a few dog dads as well. Remember your pets are most welcome to join in the fun so if you doggie or cat is on twitter then they can join in the tweeting as well. We will be fundraising and asking for donations for Hounds for Heroes at the event so please check the back of the sofa or raid your piggy bank and donate if you can to our very worthy cause. As well as tweeting with some great pals you can also enter the various competitions we will be hosting. In order to enter you will need to be following @dougalsden who will be doing the quizzes and they will usually be in the form of a question with a link to a website so you have follow the link to find the answer and then DM (direct message the answer to @dougalsden). Here is a rundown of the Prizes on offer so far with the approximate times we will be tweeting the questions! You don't have to donate to be in with a chance of winning a prize. If you would like to offer a prize at the event please get in touch with woof (at) with details of the prize you have on offer, or contact @frugaldougal or @dougalsden via twitter we will ask the question, select the winner and let you have details so you can send the prize out to the lucky recipient. We have a few extra special prizes which we will be revealing very soon so keep your eyes peeled!          

  • New In - Hem and Boo Pink Bones Dog Collars & Leads

    We are so pleased to announce that we have the latest chic design from the lovely Hem and Boo now available. The Pink Bones dog collars and leads are sure to be a firm favourite with all you lovers of all things girlie!

    Hem and Boo Pink Bones Collar and Lead Too cute
      As you can see they are made from pink webbing with a black woven ribbon on one side which has pink bones in different sizes together with pink, purple and orange paw prints, they really do look very cute. They are available in three sizes so you are sure to find a size that fits your pooch. What's great is that they still look very girlie and with the bright pink webbing on one side they will be brighten up the dull days of autumn and the black ribbon on the other side means that and muddy splashes will not show up too much. Remember you can pop them in the washing machine if they get too muddy but we recommend popping them inside a pillowcase just in case they get tangled inside your washing machine. They are available as individual items or if you prefer to be fully co ordinated then why not treat your pooch to a lovely new collar and lead. The Hem and Boo range are colourful, cute and above all affordable so take a look at the full range at Dougal's Den.

  • Dogs Dinner PawPawty

    Dogs Dinner Logo We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting a Dogs Dinner virtual event on twitter to help raise funds for Hounds for Heroes. As some of you may know we have been hosting PawPawty events on twitter for the past few years raising over £45,000 for various animal related charities all over the world. Well when I say we I mean my dog @frugaldougal who came up with the original idea many moons ago, he usually hosts the PawPawty events so we will be taking direction from him on how to make the events we have planned go with a bang! AND of course he will be making an appearance or two at the events so he can say hello to all of his old pals, and perhaps make some new ones too. Dougal has been away from the PawPawty scene on twitter for the past 6 months, but while there is still life in the old dog we felt that he was up to helping us host the two mini events which are planned for the 14th and 15th September. You can find details of the events as well as your own virtual invite here so please make sure you RSVP so we can make enough Barkeritas and Niptinis! As we mentioned we are helping raise funds for Hounds for Heroes and we have a target of rising £1000 from the two events, even if you cannot attend the virtual event you can donate here on our Hounds for Heroes PawPawty Page. We will have the usual competitions with some great prizes up for grabs and we will publish details of the quiz schedule in the next week or so ( if any other companies or individuals want to get involved by offering a prize for the event then please get in touch with @dougalsden on twitter) At the moment we are not sure if we have enough time to get all of the Barktenders, Quizmasters, DJ's and PawPawty Security orgainsed in time but if anyone wants to volunteer for duty then please contact @dougalsden even if you have not taken part in a virtual PawPawty before we have lots of experience and can hold your paw if you need some help. For those of you who have never been to a virtual party on twitter well its a bit like being at a real party with people who are passionate about animals and raising money for animal related charities except you are all sitting in the comfort of your own home while all the action takes place on twitter so even if you are on your own on the 14th and 15th September you can still join in the fun! All you need to so is put the dates of the 14th and 15th September in your diary and pop on line on twitter between 6pm and 1am on both days and search for the hashtag #dogsdinner and you will be able to join in the fun and games. Remember to check back on our blog where we will be posting details of the great prizes we have on offer as well as more details about the events themselves.    

  • Dimmingsdale Memories

    Dimmingsdale has always been a very special place for us at Dougal's Den. When the pooches were pups it was one of our most favourite places to go for a walk so as I was feeling a tad sentimental after the passing of Dougal's brother Scooby last week I decided to have the morning off work and have a trip down memory lane. Dimmingsdale is often described as one of Staffordshire’s hidden gems. It is a beautiful valley which is a haven for walkers, nature lovers and those seeking tranquillity and spectacular scenery. It was very quiet when I arrived at 9am yesterday morning with only myself and two other walkers spotted. The stunning woodland walk has Lakes, streams and rivers and a mixture of broad leaf trees and spectacular Scots Pines and huge sandstone rocky outcrops which create spectacular scenery and an amazing haven for wildlife, which is beautiful at anytime of the year. It has changed a little over the years apart from the addition of a fence around the first lake where we spotted some ducks or rather they spotted us, unfortunately I had forgotten to bring any tasty treats for them but it was lovely to see them in the early morning sunshine.

    Bottom Lake Dimmingsdale Lake at Dimmingsdale
    Ducks at Dimmingsdale Quack Quack
    While we wandered through the lovely shaded wood I remembered the times we had been there before on walks with the dogs when Dougal and Scooby were little pups, they used to run up into the woods searching for rabbits. Many evenings we were there until it was almost dark waiting for them to eventually return, recall was never one of their strong points!
    Dougal next to lake Feeling refreshed after a dip
    It was unusually quiet in terms of other visitors yesterday which was really appropriate as I wanted to concentrate on the dogs and making sure that Dougal enjoyed his walk.  We did hear and see some tree felling which was being carried out on the other side of the valley. It was indeed quite dramatic to hear the whining of the chain saw followed a few seconds later by the dramatic crash as the trees fell to earth, it really was a sight to behold from the safety of our side of the valley. I had to keep an eye on Dougal as some of the slopes down to the river are quite steep and I was a bit worried about his ability to get down in one piece, never mind my own ability to clamber down after him in the event of a rescue requirement. We are both almost 17 years older and our bodies don't always move like they used to. The new boy has only been there once before so he was kept firmly on the lead but I could tell that he was loving all the new sights and scents. It might be my imagination but I think that Dougal did remember where he was, especially when we got to the far lake and he simply could not resist going in for a cooling dip.
    Dog in Lake That's better
    Perhaps he remembered this is the place where he had his first proper swim, I remember that he and Scooby used to entertain the walkers by diving into the top lake to retrieve sticks and occasionally chase the odd duck or moorhen. It came as no surprise that Mr Tini (Ozzy) could not resist the inviting water.
    Dogs waiting for stick next to lake Wait Wait any minute now she will throw a stick
    Dog in Lake with stick Got it
    The top lake looked very dramatic in the still morning air.
    Top Lake Dimmingsdale Beautiful
    Even Dougal could not resist trying to fetch a stick from the water, he was not so keen on swimming so I had to throw it into the shallow water and he just paddled in, picked it up and had a little chew. Dog with Stick The contrast in the young pup and the old boy was very dramatic, one so full of energy and excitement that he could hardly contain, and the other having the odd flash of memories from long ago with a feint wag of his tail and a wistful look up at me as if to say I used to be just like him or I remember this place. Lots of memories came flooding back to me including the time I brought my mum to Dimmingsdale, she loved the place completely and she had a huge picture on her wall of Dougal standing proud on a rocky outcrop, surrounded by the most amazing green backdrop, ready to dive into the lake. I could almost feel her looking down on us as we walked around the place she loved so much.
    Ramblers Retreat Dimmingsdale Ramblers Retreat Dimmingsdale
    Dog waiting for Food Tini
    Dog waiting for food Dougal
    All too soon it was time to head back, but visit to Dimmingsdale is complete without stopping at the Ramblers Retreat for a tasty snack or a cool drink so I shared a bacon sandwich with the pooches, just me, Dougal and Ozzy surrounded by our memories and hoping to make a few more together.  

  • Monty what a lovely chap

    We had the pleasure of meeting Monty this weekend, his whole family were at Cheddleton Carnival and Monty was one of the lovely pups who came to say hello! Monty is a Cocker Spaniel and as you can see he is a lovely young pup. He was very friendly and loved all of the attention he got while we were trying to get him to pose for some pictures. Monty went home with a few items from Dougal's Den including a lovely new doormat and one of our Handmade in Staffordshire Bandanas as well as some of our homemade doggie treats.

    Monty the Cocker Spaniel Monty looking cute
    Cheddleton Carnival was a great day out for us as we got to meet lots of our existing customers and also some new ones. We did a roaring trade in our homemade dog treats so we are considering stocking them on our website as well as having them as special local show items. We also had lots of fun watching the dog show which was organised by Karen at Churnet Valley Dog Training. We were very lucky with the weather and managed to get all set up in plenty of time as you can see this is me and Ryan one of my godsons waiting for the crowds to arrive!  
    Dougal's Den Stand at Cheddleton Carnival 2012 All ready for the crowds to arrive
    We hope to hear lots more about Monty including how is is getting on with his new purchases from Dougal's Den and we also want to say a big thank you to Dan who is pictured here with Monty. Dan along with my Godson Ryan and their friend Cameron did a sterling job getting people to enter the dog show and they also helped us dismantle the stand at the end of the show.
    Dan and Monty Monty & Dan
    A grand day out was had by all!

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