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  • Don't Cook Your Dog Campaign

    Dougal's Den are proud to support Beverley Cuddy's Don't Cook Your Dog Campaign and are offering a FREE sticker with every order.

    You may have heard the terrible story in media about the deaths of two dogs who were left in a hot car by their police handler. Unfortunately every year similar stories emerge. In an effort to take something positive out of this tragic event Beverley who is the editor of Dogs Today Magazine has launched a campaign to help educate everyone about just how quickly a dog overheat and die if left in a car.

    You can read all about the Don't Cook Your Dog campaign on Beverley's Blog which includes information on just how quickly a car can get hot even with the windows open on a cloudy day. You can play your part in spreading the word by displaying one of these stickers in your car. We are expecting supplies of the stickers early next week and we will be sending one out with every order. You can also read the RSPCA advice about dogs in hot weather conditions. Personally I think that if I saw a dog in distress in a hot car then I would try to get the dog out of the car and in to the shade. I understand that I might have an angry dog owner with a damaged car to deal with but that would be easier to live with than a dead dog on my conscience. Please think twice before you leave a dog in a car..... even with the windows open....... even on a cloudy day....... even just for 5 minute....... It could end up being the worst decision of your life. Please Don't Cook Your Dog

  • Dogs at Work

    Most of the time it is great having the dogs in the office, they bring some light relief from boring accounts and make us laugh at their antics when a new delivery arrives and they are usually more excited about the box and the delivery man than the goodies inside. But just sometimes when we really need to keep our heads down and concentrate like today when we had some overdue expenses to sort out, they can be a real pain. We have had constant barking for attention, rummaging in bins and then some high level window watching....




    with some 'help" move packing supplies around .....

    Ozzy McDougal Helps Out


    I know all of this is just because he is bored and has not managed the great escape of yesterday when I had to bound over two fields to find him amongst six horses merrily running around with a 15 metre lead trailing behind him. So today after we have finished packing up all the orders for delivery we promise Mr Ozzy McDougal will get an extra long walk along the canal. Even on busy days like today we are glad that we have our dogs at work each and every day.

  • Weekend Sunshine at Rudyard Lake

    We have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine with the boys. Quite a lazy day on Saturday with some chores completed and then an unexpected visit from my two godsons meant that Mr Ozzy McDougal had a great race around the fields - all three of them did six laps and were suitably hot and sweaty and in much need of a cool drink. Dougal stayed with us on the patio and watched the energetic threesome's escapades. Like you would expect from a 15 year old who knows better than to go out in the mid day sunshine!

    Rudyard Lake


    Then this morning we all awoke with the need for some exercise so off we trundled to Rudyard Lake , we got there about 9.30 and decided to do the circular loop walk which we believe is about six miles. It was beautiful in the early morning sunshine. One side of the walk runs parallel with the lake so the pooches could nip in for a cool down.


    As we walked around  the lake we thought about the the numerous courting couples who had walked the tranquil banks of the lake before us like a certain John Lockwood Kipling and Alice Macdonald who walked there in 1863. Their love blossomed, they married, and their first-born was named after the lake. He became one of Britain's greatest writers having penned the Jungle Book, Kim and The Man who would be King to name a few. It really is fascinating to think that many years ago people walked on the same path as we did today. The return journey on the other side is a bit more hilly but still shaded from the heat of the midday sunshine  which is just as well as we got back to the car park around 11:45.  Both dogs ( and us) suitably tired out, perhaps it was a bit to long for Dougal but he held his own against the 10 month old pup.  


    A lovely walk with some great views of the lake, our advice would be to go early in the morning if you want to avoid the crowd as it was packed with people, dogs and boats around lunch time.

    Hope you all enjoyed the weekend sunshine as much as we did.

  • Sweets for your Sweet Pooch Competition

    Now that we have launched our new, improved and fun website we thought it was time for another competition and what better way to celebrate than with some chocolates... for your pooch!  Yep that's right we have a lovely box of chocolates all completely dog friendly for the precious pooch in your life!  

    Dog Chocolate


        We have a great selection of dog treats from the healthy and organic to the super indulgent for those special occasions and we are adding more every week so be sure to book mark our site so you can keep up to date with the latest in doggie deliciousness. How to enter 1. Leave a comment below saying why your pup should win, or what chocolate you think he’ll like, or just that you would like very much to win. You can post an entry once a day until the deadline. (Up to  5 entries total). 2. Like Dougal's Den on Facebook and leave a comment on our wall saying hi! ( one entry) Deadline Saturday 2nd July at midnight  (Uk Time) oh and the competition is open to everyone worldwide. Remember what Forest Gump said “Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get.” Well in this case you do...... a lovely box of choccies for your pooch, but you have to be in it to win it!

  • Dougal's Den out and about!

    As you all know Dougal and Ozzy love to be out and about visiting new places and meeting new friends. Since we moved to Staffordshire we have found some lovely places to go for new walks and adventures. So we thought as we are always on the go maybe we should have some advertising on the dog mobile. So off we trotted to have a word with the guys at Leek Signs and they suggested a car wrap!  Ok for anyone out there who does not know what a car wrap  is, well basically it is a full colour digital print that is wrapped around your existing car. So without further is is! Dougal's Den Car This graphics in this fab design were originally created by the team at Jigowatt for our blog and we loved them so much that we decided to use them every where we can. So if you are out and about in Staffordshire and you see this little car driving around then you will know who we are and that we are probably on our way to deliver some gifts for your furry friends. Rear View So if you see us ! and lets face it we are very easy to spot now, then don't be shy give us a toot come and say hello. Although we will usually have a couple of smelly dogs in the back! Big thanks goes out to all of the team at Leek Signs for a great job, and of course to the Jigowatt guys back in Peterborough for their cute images.

  • Dogs on Bogs

    Given the state of health in the Dougal's Den office at the moment I though it was apt to show you some fun products that we found via one of our twitter followers. Most of this week has been spent within 5 meters of a toilet for us as the flu I have seems to have upset my tum as well!  Whilst not in the smallest room I have had the mop bucket close by as poor Dougal has has a poorly bot too. So in between sneezing and mopping up and bathing Dougal after a very bad episode on the bed finding these amusing Dogs on Bogs brought a smile to cheer us up. Dogs on Bogs supply novelty toilet seats something that would bring a smile to anyone visiting the smallest room in the house!

    Scottish Terrier Dog on Bog


    Boxer Dogs on Bogs




    We hope they make you smile!

  • Happy Pals

    It always makes us happy when we see that we have happy pals. We recently sponsored a few prizes for the monthly #PawPawty event on twitter where lots on anipals get together to help raise funds for an animal shelter or charity. One of the lucky winners was @tinypearlcat who is a lovely lady cat from Camano Island, Washington Tiny P won some cat treats and some cat nip toys. We have not even got these great toys on the website yet so it was great when Pearl posted these lovely pictures for us!

    TinyPearlCat inspecting her Prizes


    Those Treats are very Nommy


    Lovely Cat Nip Mice


    Our old boy @frugaldougal came up with the pawpawty idea a few years ago and so far we have helped raise over $50,000 for a whole range of animal charities from all over the world. A big thanks to everyone who makes the PawPawty events possible and an extra special thanks to @tinypearlcat for the lovely pictures.

  • Fancy a New Lead and Collar?

    Well summer is here so it must be time to walk out in style with your favourite furry pal! This week at Dougal's Den to celebrate our feature in the local news paper we are having competition and you could win a new collar and lead for your furry pal. We have a great range of funky and colourful leads and collars from Hem and Boo and the winner of this competition will have a choice of a lead and collar from the Stars, Circles or Stripes ranges. We have shown the collars below all these are available in three sizes and come with matching leads!  





    All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is tell us What signals the start of summer for you and your furry friends? by posting a comment below on this blog post! The competition will run until midnight on the 10th June and the winner will be selected at random from the entries received. So come on what are you waiting for?
  • Moving to Staffordshire

    Well what a few weeks it has been for everyone at Dougal's Den what with moving house and premises all at the same time! Phew we have almost caught up with all of our orders so thanks to everyone for being so patient. We are now located in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside near a lovely old market town called Leek.


    Dougal on Cauldon Canal


    As well as unpacking about a gazillion cardboard boxes and getting the new office all set up we have been exploring the local area with the pooches and found the most picturesque canal walk about 5 minutes away. As you can see both Dougal and Ozzy approve of the new setting!
    Ozzy on Cauldon Canal


    The even better news is that the pub on the canal allows dogs inside and has a roaring fire so it will be perfect for cosy sunday lunches after a bracing canal walk.

    We are all enjoying getting used to our new surroundings, even the cats are enjoying the larger garden, all we need now is for the sun to start shining.


  • Hem and Boo Giveaway!

    To make up for not having any give aways since thursday when we promised to have one every day this week, we thought we would make up for it with an extra special give away today.  

    Hem and Boo Lead, Collar Dog Toy


    You can win a Hem and Boo adjustable collar, lead and dog toy for your pooch! They come in three sizes small medium and large so there will be one to fit any breed of dog. And the toy is a cute Doggie in Co Ordinating shades of blue. Even though they are blue they would look good on a lady doggie as they are quite trendy colours. All you have to do is tell us how you have been keeping your pets cool in the sweltering heat! We have been making ice pops for the pooches and filling Ozzy’s puppy kong with ice cubes which he loves to crunch. Just post a comment on this blog to be in with a chance of winning! The competition is open all weekend and we will select a winner at random on Monday 25th April, entries from all over the world are welcome. Good Luck and Stay in the Shade!

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