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No Peeing Please


As many of you know we have a lovely little shop in Leek in Staffordshire as well as a website and some of you might also know that we were the people who set up Dog Friendly Leek ....Leek is exceptionally dog friendly with over 60 shops, cafe's and pubs with the woof factor. We define the woof factor as places which allow you to enjoy mooching with your pooch, so if you come to Leek your dog and you will be welcome in lots of places. But we have a complaint...... We recently invested in a very posh dog topiary frame, a lovely little scottie dog and after several attempts and help from Possibilities florists we filled said dog with some gorgeous moss. We decided to trial the moss as we expected it might not last unless misted with water every day, and also we are really not sure how it will survive a Leek winter. ( In case you were not aware, the Leek to Buxton road is one of the first to be closed in winter!) What I did not expect was to have to worry about how long little Hamish ( that's his name) would last if the local dogs peed on him. Let me explain... Tonight when I closed up I went to pick up the little dog, loving stuffed with moss, purchased from a local florist and next to his face, no actually dripping down his face into a nice yellow pool was yes you guessed it dog wee. No I don't know about you but when I take my dogs for a walk, both boys of the leg cocking variety I am really careful about where I let them have a wee. Hedge in the field, Lamp post, bush on the canal path, a tree in the middle of the woods, but never and I mean NEVER on a decorative topiary dog placed outside a doggie boutique. Or on a hedge belonging to someone else, basically I am very very careful in public places. I have spoken to other local shop keepers and it seems our dog pee incident is not the only crime to have been committed in our dog friendly town...bay trees, potted plants, and wooden furniture are just some of the items which have been liberally sprayed with the dog scented yellow stuff. So this is a plea to all dog owners....when you put on the lead please do not disengage your brain...think that the thing that your dog might be peeing against might

  • belong to someone else
  • have to be picked up by someone else
  • or be part of someone's garden

I rinsed little Hamish off before I brought him inside but I fear that the damage may have been done now some local doggie was allowed to pee in his face. Please do your bit to keep Leek Dog Friendly by making sure you pay attention to where your pooch spends a penny!

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