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Love Pets Show

Well we are almost recovered after our 1st big pet show. We attended the Love Pets show in Peterborough on the 27th and 28th November. It was just our luck that the snow came early this year so there were not as many visitors as we would have liked nevertheless we did get a chance to meet lots of new customers and show them our great products. Our stand really was one of the most colourful around and all of the positive comments we received certainly made the trudge through the snow worth while. We actually had to get up at 6.30am to clear snow off the road so we could get the van out! The most popular products were the Bone Bowls, we are almost out of the colours so if you fancy one for your pooch for christmas then you better move fast! The Puzzle dog toys were also very popular, there will be lots of pooches playing new games on christmas day. Finally the mega squeaker mats which are sure to please pooches who like squeaky toys were flying off the shelves with the extra tough real animal squeakers being the most popular. It was great to see so many customers face to face and we are hoping to do a few more events next year. Unfortunately the boys Dougal and Ozzy had to stay with the dogsitter but somehow I don't think they minded one little bit as I hear they were both romping around snow filled fields before a big snuggle in front of the roaring fire. So all in all a great weekend was had by all. A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to come see us at Love Pets Show for all the great comments on our products and of course we hope to hear from those who made a purchase.

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