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    Did you know that we have stuff in our shop that is not just for cats and dogs? We try to hunt down items that we think will appeal to people who appreciate great design and quirky items. This was exactly the case when we spotted these practical and fun rabbit clips from United Pets. As you can see they are a little funky and fun and just that bit different to the boring run of the mill kitchen clips. This set were purchased recently by a lovely customer from Germany ( yes we do post overseas, you just have to contact us by e-mail before you place your order so we can let you know the postage costs) . As you can see they look great and are practical as well. Miriam said this about the Cip Cip rabbit clips from United Pets. Cip Cip Clip from United Pets

    Cip Cip Rabbit Clip from United Pets

    "The rabbit clips are strong. They are easily keeping the stubborn packing of the müsli together. If they are not in use they are an excellent decoration for the kitchen. Not just for bunny lovers." Miriam also needed some help organising her notes and to do lists so Morris came to the rescue, this cute mule shaped note holder will keep your desk or table tidy, and you will always know where to go when someone says " have you got a pen and piece of paper? " Morris Memo Holder Miriam said this about Morris "Morris is perfect for our kitchen table. Before Morris lived in our household the table was messy with bulk memos. Now he is holding  the shopping list and sometimes he is keeping a lovely note in his mouth. What a helpful mule." Morris memo Holder A big thank you to Miriam for sending us these great pictures and the review of our not just for cats and dogs products.  An extra thank you for being so patient!! Royal Mail lost the 1st order Miriam made! If you are on twitter you might want to check out a great rabbit sanctuary in Germany which the lovely Miriam introduced us to  @RettetKaninchen they really do know how to look after the bunnies!

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