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  • Jubilee Dogs

    Well what a day we have had here at Dougal's Den! We have spent the day looking at lots of lovely pictures of Jubilee Dogs ( while we should have been sorting out some boring accountancy stuff! ). So here goes with our with our favourites of the Jubilee Dog , royal pooches.

    Daily Mail Corgi


    The Savoy's Jubilee Corgi's


    Cute Dog on Jubilee Day


    Royal Pooches


    Royal Dogs


    We love all of these pictures and it just goes to show how important dogs are even when we are all busy celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. We hope you have all had a lovely day and that you have a few more days of fun or relaxation planned to celebrate what must be a once in a lifetime event for all of us. But we could not leave you without a picture of how the other half have celebrated this weekend...even the cats get to celebrate this weekend just like this lucky moggie!!
    Royal Cat



  • Hide a Toy Gingerbread House Tested by Pickles

    We love it when we see pictures or even better video's of your pets having fun with our products. So we just had to share this video from Karen Wild aka @wildpaw and the amazing Pickles with the Hide a Toy Gingerbread House from Kyjen. Pickles is a very clever pooch, well what else would you expect having a training and behaviour expert as his hu-mum! In this sequence you can see Pickles correctly get the ginger bread man toy out of the house first. The toys are part of the interactive dog toys from kyjen which we stock. They are extremely popular toys for dogs who need a little more than just a toy they can chew or chase.

  • Seamsters Dog Toy Tested

    We are always very excited to find a new dog toy to test and when we heard that one of our favourite brands Kyjen had introduced a new concept in dog toys for chewers well we had to get some in stock. They are called seamsters and the concept is simple, combine a rubber dog toy with a rawhide chew for dogs who love to chew. So you have a rubber toy, shaped like a bone or a rugby ball, or American Football depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on. The rubber shapes have strategically placed slots which you then thread thin rawhide strips through. Then give to your pooch to investigate, we choose Ozzy McDougal for this test as he is generally more interested in the chew type toys. He has the small weave bone seamster toy in his paws and as you can see he is kept pretty busy with the toy. He spent quite a while trying to get the rawhide bits off the toy and even after the strip was removed he was still quite interested in the toy. The best thing was that he could only get little bits of the rawhide chew off the toy at any one time making it a much safer option, than just giving him the rawhide chew on is own. We have the full range in stock as well as the replacement rawhide strips designed to complement the toys. The recommendation is to soak the specially designed rawhide strips in water to let them soften, rethread the toy and leave it to harden before letting your dog have the toy again for safety reasons. However we also found that the very thin strips of hide chew available in supermarkets or pet shops will sometimes fit depending on their thickness, but they will not be as easy to thread. An added bonus with the football shaped toy is that the two halves are actually threaded together and there is space inside to place a few smaller treats or pieces of dried kibble, making it an even more interesting toy for your curious pooch. Once again Kyjen have come up with a great toy range which we are sure will prove very popular with all of our doggie customers.

  • Labradoodle Honking the Horn

    This little cutie decided that he had had enough and wanted to go home so he honked the horn much to the amusement of his owners!  

  • Pippa Langhorne & Buddy Christmas Style

    Last month at the LovePets show in Peterborough we had the great pleasure of meeting the lovely Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Pippa Langhorne and her Lhasa Apso, Buddy. Pippa has a truly enchanting voice and we all thoroughly enjoyed watching her entertain the visitors to the show with her lovely boy. After one of her performances Pippa stopped by our stand and Buddy tried on one of our fun Dog Elf Costumes, as you can see he looks very cute. However the pup was not that impressed by the outfit ( we think he did not like the little elf feet ). So instead Buddy is now sporting one of our Santa Hoodies, we think he look so cute and we hope that his Santa Hoodie will keep him warm and looking festive right the way through to Christmas Day.



    You can find out all about Pippa and Buddy here and even watch some of her performances. We have a great range of christmas wear for your pooch from bandanas to hats and even some cute doggie ties so your dog can feel dressed up for christmas day without too much effort!

  • Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your Dog

    Yes it is that time of year again, when thoughts of mince pies and sprouts start to surface and almost every advert on TV is a christmas one! So not to feel left out we have compiled our very own Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your dog. Ball Buddy GingerBread Man 

    Kyjen_Ball_Buddy_Gingerbread Man


      These cute and cuddly Ball Buddies from Kyjen squeak when you squeeze ‘em. The extra-loud squeaker ball bodies make this plush and ball combo a surefire dog favourite. The Ball Buddy gingerbread man dog toy is a great stocking filler suitable for medium to larger size dogs as the ball is probably on the large size for smaller dogs to get their chops around. Christmas Dog Bandanna
    Kyjen Dog Bandana


    Well it wouldn't be christmas without some decorations would it? While we do not advocate the full bells and whistles dressing of any pets this cute bandanna should not cause any problems for your pooch. With this Christmas Dog Bandana your pooch will look the part this christmas. The soft double thickness red velvet fabric hangs beautifully and the white fur trim gives a real festive feel. Complete with a cute jingle bell the perfect christmas look for a stylish pooch. Santa Meerkat Dog Toy
    Meerkat Dog Toy


    The Good Boy Santa Meerkat Dog Toy from Armitage is a great, fun Christmas present for your pooch. Good Boy Dog Advent Calendar


    Is your dog looking forward to christmas, hoping for a stocking full of toys and treats? Well why not count down the days to christmas with this lovely Dog Advent Calendar containing a doggie safe chocolate treat for the count down to the big day. Christmas Reindeer Lobber Dog Toy
    Lob it reindeer Dog Toy


    Lob It! Reindeer Lobber is made from latex has been designed to be thrown around and to withstand tough play. With grab handles it allows easy grip for your pooch to play with. This Reindeer squeaks like no other! A great interactive toy. Hide  a Toy Gingerbread House
    Hide a Toy Gingerbread Dog Toy


    This unique, interactive puzzle dog toy is designed to challenge as well as entertain! You dog will have hours of fun while sharpening their cognitive skills at the same time. The fun gingerbread house is a lovely biscuit colour with white fur trim icing and fun candy stripe shapes. Each house contains three squeaky toys a cube, a bone and of course a gingerbread man who is wearing a cute santa hat. Your dog will love trying to get the shapes out of the house, lots to keep your pooch occupied at Christmas time and beyond. Durable design and craftsmanship ensures long-lasting puzzle-solving fun! Kyjen Tuff Ones Christmas Tree Dog Toy
    Tuff Ones Christmas Tree Dog Toy


    Treat your pooch this christmas with his very own christmas tree. The cute green plush fabric has red blue and yellow baubles appliqued on the front and is edged in black double stitched trim for extra durability. Just what your pooch wants to find in his christmas stocking. Santa Alligator Squeaker Mat  
    Xmas Gator


    This innovative toy has multiple squeakers inside each mat. In total there are 16 of them all in individually stitched compartments. Squeaker Mat dog toys will keep your pooch entertained for hours by squeaking anywhere they touch it! The cute Santa Had can be removed easily after the festive season. Dog Christmas Stocking


    This designer style dog christmas stocking is our best selling stocking. Made from luxurious velvet red fabric with cute green bones, paw print and even some festive holly, sure to complement your decorations at home. The added bonus is that you can personalise this dog christmas stocking with a photo of your own dog and slot in into the dog house pocket on the front of the stocking. Poochie Bells Spruce
    Poochie Bells Spruce


    Poochie Bells are a stylish doggie doorbell training aid which you simply hang on your door handle or on a hook next to the door. Then with a little time and patience you can train your pooch to ring the bells to let you know when they want to go outside. This great design has traditional pine cones with spruce trimmings on a light green ribbon perfect for a classic seasonal themed room. You can find all of these items at Dougal's Den where we have more amazing finds for the furry kind.

  • Top 10 Squeaky Dog Toys

    Most pooches love squeaky dog toys and there are a lot out there to choose from so we thought that we would share with you our Top 10. Your dog will love on the other hand may need ear plugs! 1. iPaw Vinyl Dog Toy

    I paw Dog Toy


    This fun little toy is cheap and cheerful and is really more of a novelty present for all you geeky dog lovers. As you would expect it is playing the tune "Who let the dogs out?" Woof Woof Woof. It won't last forever as it is a simple vinyl toy, but it is sure to raise a laugh or too. 2. Dangle Ball Monkey Dog Toy
    Dangle Ball Monkey


    This cute little toy is a squeaking toy with a dangle tennis ball attached hence the name. We just love it because of the pink fluffy 'hair' covering the body part of the toy. It would be a great choice for a girlie girl pooch. 3. Magic Hat with Rabbit Dog Toy
    Plush Puzzle Magic Hat with Rabbits


    Now you see it now you don't as you would expect every magicians hat has to contain a rabbit or in this case three of them. This toy is a hide and seek toy and is great for dogs who like to sniff out treats as you can put a few treats inside the hat where the rabbits are hiding to encourage your pooch to find the furries! 4. Egg Babies Platypus  
    Egg Babies Platypus


    If your dog loves to rip the stuffing out of plush toys well this egg babies toy could be just what you have been looking for. It is designed with a clever little pouch in its belly where there are three squeaking eggs hiding so instead of ripping the toy apart your pooch can pull out the squeaking eggs. It comes with five eggs just in case your dog gets overexcited and 'cracks' an egg. 5. Hamish McBeth Shoe & Handbag
    Hamish McBeth Toy


    Every girl needs lots of shoes and handbags and do does every dog about town, this foxy little leopard print set is sure to be a hit with your favourite little on trend pooch. Compact size makes this a great combo for the toy and small breeds. Hopefully this will keep your pooch out of the real shoe cupboard. 6. Hard Boiled Softee Bee This softie Bee is not all that he seems! The cute exterior hides a tough rubber shell inside shaped like a huge egg which will make the funniest grunt when grabbed by your dog. A tougher style of squeaky dog toy, suitable for medium to large size dogs. 7. Moose Dog Toy
    Wild and Crazy Moose


    This unusual dog toy from the Wild n Crazy range by Kyjen is sure to be a hit with your pooch. You don't often see a moose dog toy so if you are looking for something a little bit different we are sure your pooch will love this larger than average toy. It has more of a grunt than a a squeak. 8. Tough Turtle Dog Toy
    Plush Puzzle Tough Turtle


    The toy is shaped like turtle and it hiding inside are three squeaky baby turtles. All your dog has to do is figure out how to get the little critters out. When they do just stuff the babies back in again for lots of fun and games. This is a tougher than average plush toy for dogs who like to play rough. 9. Alligator Squeaker Mat
    Alligator Squeaker Mat


    This innovative toy has multiple squeakers inside each mat. In total there are 16 of them all in individually stitched compartments. Squeaker Mat dog toys will keep your pooch entertained for hours by squeaking anywhere they touch it. Great for two dogs to play tug of war too! 10. Invincibles Dog Toys


    Kyjen Invicibles are one of a kind, the 1st ever stuffing free plush dog toy which will continue to squeak even if the squeaker is punctured. So you can just imagine the endless fun your pooch will have with one of these great dog toys. Possibly the best squeaky dog toy we have ever seen. All of the above range is available at the moment, and we will be having additional deliveries in time for the christmas rush.

  • Sweets for your Sweet Pooch Competition

    Now that we have launched our new, improved and fun website we thought it was time for another competition and what better way to celebrate than with some chocolates... for your pooch!  Yep that's right we have a lovely box of chocolates all completely dog friendly for the precious pooch in your life!  

    Dog Chocolate


        We have a great selection of dog treats from the healthy and organic to the super indulgent for those special occasions and we are adding more every week so be sure to book mark our site so you can keep up to date with the latest in doggie deliciousness. How to enter 1. Leave a comment below saying why your pup should win, or what chocolate you think he’ll like, or just that you would like very much to win. You can post an entry once a day until the deadline. (Up to  5 entries total). 2. Like Dougal's Den on Facebook and leave a comment on our wall saying hi! ( one entry) Deadline Saturday 2nd July at midnight  (Uk Time) oh and the competition is open to everyone worldwide. Remember what Forest Gump said “Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get.” Well in this case you do...... a lovely box of choccies for your pooch, but you have to be in it to win it!

  • Hem and Boo Giveaway!

    To make up for not having any give aways since thursday when we promised to have one every day this week, we thought we would make up for it with an extra special give away today.  

    Hem and Boo Lead, Collar Dog Toy


    You can win a Hem and Boo adjustable collar, lead and dog toy for your pooch! They come in three sizes small medium and large so there will be one to fit any breed of dog. And the toy is a cute Doggie in Co Ordinating shades of blue. Even though they are blue they would look good on a lady doggie as they are quite trendy colours. All you have to do is tell us how you have been keeping your pets cool in the sweltering heat! We have been making ice pops for the pooches and filling Ozzy’s puppy kong with ice cubes which he loves to crunch. Just post a comment on this blog to be in with a chance of winning! The competition is open all weekend and we will select a winner at random on Monday 25th April, entries from all over the world are welcome. Good Luck and Stay in the Shade!

  • Squeaky Dog Toy Competition

    Does your dog love squeaky dog toys? If they do then you have to take a look at the mega squeaker mat dog toys that we stock. These toys have an amazing 16 squeakers yep you heard right, 16 noisy squeakers! We think that your dog will love them even if you hate them.

    Dog Toy Gator


    We have a range of 'animals' in this range, ducks, cows, and even an alligator. The squeakers are all individually stitched into different compartments and the plush toys are a lot tougher than they look. We know two happy springer spaniels who have had one for over six months and it has still survived with only one small visit to the dog toy hospital required! They are around 70cm long so are big enough for huge dogs to flap around or smaller ones to snuggle up with after they have had their squeaker fix!
    Cow Dog Toy


    The great news is you could be in with a chance of winning one by entering our competition. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning the toy of your choice is to post a comment telling us which is your dog’s favourite squeaky toy. The competition ends on the 6th March at midnight and we will announce the winner on Monday 7th.
    Dog Toy Duck Squeaker Mat


    Imagine how much fun your pooch will have with this mega squeaker toy! We don't think you will find a squeaky dog toy with this many squeakers in your local pet store.

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