Amazing finds for the furry kind


  • Dougal and Ozzy

    Quick post for all the guys and gals who have been asking to see Dougal and new addition Ozzy together. This was shot a few weeks ago on one of our morning walks, as you can see Ozzy is still a little cheeky with Dougal and really just needs putting in his place. Dougal bless him is the perfect gent and only really gets annoyed when his food is under attack. Even though he is 15 as you can see the old guy still manages the odd charge or two to catch up after a sniff around the mole hills. The young'un is still so fascinated by everything that is is almost impossible to get him to stand still for a photo so you can see much more of him on a video. Hope you all enjoy seeing the boys together as much as we enjoy being with them every day.

  • Cute Bandana Boys

    What great friends we have found on twitter, people like @puppy_love_pets who sent us some lovely hand made bandana gifts for the boys! As you can see Dougal can still turn on the charm when he wants to, just look at him in his lovely red check bandana.



    New boy Ozzy had just woken up from a nap when we managed to get this picture of him in his Skull + Crossbones pirate bandana. It is perfect for him as he is swash buckling around the house like a typical puppy. I know the guys at puppy class will be so jealous.


    They really are such cute items, made with care and attention to detail and unlike scarf style bandanas they stay put as they have velcro fastenings which fit your individual dog's neck perfectly. New fabrics are introduced on a regular basis so you should check out the Puppy's shop where you can purchase a bandana for your pooch or even for your cat! Thanks so much to @puppy_love_pets for sending these lovely presents to the boys and I can't wait to see the christmas designs!

  • Book marks from Dougal's Den

    We are always looking for ideas for little extra's that we can include as a little gift to our customers and recently we found these great promotional gifts at 4imprint. These printed book marks will make sure that you do not have to have dog-eared books. They come in a range of colours and animal shapes. We have rabbits, cats and dogs and they look great with our logo printed on the front.

    Dougal sorting bookmarks


    As you can see Dougal love's to help out at the office and he loves to help pick the best book marks to go out with each order.

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