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Dog Walk

  • Lovely Sunday Morning Walk

    Sunday Canal Walk


    Just got back from a lovely Sunday morning walk with the pooches, so great to get outside without getting wet!! We walked down the main Leek to Cheddleton road and then on to the canal at the Flint Mill, then along the canal, and back up through the sleepy hollow woods at Cheddleton.  According to the Walk meter I have used up 237 calories so just working out what my mid morning treat is going to be!


    Whatever you are all up to enjoy your Sunday!

  • Frosty Dog Walk

    Wow just look at the frosty covering everything on our walk had this morning. I don't think I can ever remember seeing this amount of ice and frost on trees, it is just beautiful. The dogs are enjoying their frosty walk even though they end up with very cold paws. Perhaps we need to get some doggie boots in to protect them! The trees just look fantastic, like someone has sprinkled them with icing sugar. Looking very close at a post you can even see how the ice has formed along all of the tiny fibres. It really is a winter wonderland outside this week. Best of all no messy paw prints as the ground is completely frozen so no chance of walking any mud back inside at the moment. Stay safe in this very frosty weather and drive carefully if you are out and about!

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