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  • Christmas Bling - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 3

    I expect that like me, most of you are wondering how you are going to find the time to get all those christmas bling decorations down from the loft or in from the garage, never mind actually having the time to get them all up. It is around about this time that I get kind of excited about christmas and I think how lovely the house will look when all of the decorations and tree are in place. Then I remember that even though I vowed to put all of the decorations away properly last year, ( like I have done every year for like... forever)  I will find the boxes full of a jumbled up mess of baubles, lights and tinsel. Then of course there is the kitchen drawer where all the 'forgotten' decorations have been sitting for the past year, waiting patiently to be reunited with their glittery friends. Come on you know the ones I mean, you usually spot them three days after packing everything away, having completed a forensic sweep of the house. So they sit lonely in a drawer, cupboard or box because you cannot be bothered getting the christmas boxes out again to pack them away properly. So as I prepare myself for decoration day, glass of sherry and mince pie in hand, with Frank Sings Christmas playing in the background it's time for some christmas bling for all you cat lovers out there.

    Kitty&Co Diamante Cat Collar


    Our competition today is for a lovely Kitty and Co Diamante Collar, perfect for your puss to look all sparkly and festive throughout the holiday season and beyond. You even get a choice of pink, blue or black! How to enter : 1. Simply post a picture of your favourite christmas decoration on our facebook page, or just tell us what your favourite decoration is! The competition is open from 10am on the 3rd December until 10am on the 4th of December and we will announce the winner sometime on the 4th. The competition is open to anyone worldwide so what are you all waiting for! Remember to come back and visit tomorrow for another chance to win.

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