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  • Space Etiquette for Dogs

    space-etiquette-for-dogsWe just love this poster which describes why dogs need their own space and how what one owner thinks is Ok for their dog might not work for you. We often get worried ourselves on walks when a big dog runs up towards our two pooches so no wonder sometimes our dogs get scared too!

    This and other posters from the talented Lili Chin will be on display in our shop in the information area so watch this space for more of these great designs which we think get the message across in a very colourful way.

    What do you think, do you let your dogs off the lead to run up to other dogs? Have you been scared of a strange dog running towards you and yours at speed?

  • Plague Rat Pack

    Plague Rat Cat Toys The Rat Pack
    Does your cat love catnip? If so then we can thoroughly recommend the Plague Rat cat toy we stock. We have had these little bundles of cat cuteness right back from when we launched the website and they continue to be a best seller. If you are wondering what makes them so irresistible to felines, making them carry on like frisky fools well it's the extra strong catnip coupled with the valerian. I have to confess that yes they do smell a bit odd to humans, but to cats the smell is extremely attractive. Luckily we were around when the order arrived and the office cats were out and about, otherwise we may have walked in on the cats tearing the packaging apart to get in to the new Plague Rat Pack. In this new delivery we have a selection of rats with different coloured ears, red, cream or blank as well as a few different tail colours. If you order more than one Plague Rat we will try to send you a few different designs so that you know which of your cats owns which cat toy...we wouldn't want any unnecessary cat fights to break out! We had a tip from a customer to help keep your cats interested in the toys which is to store the rats in the fridge when your cat is not playing with it. ( in a plastic container of course... ) we would not want anyone erupting into a chorus of UB40's "there's a rat in the kitchen" now would we!

  • Staffordshire Moorlands Update on Dog Control Orders

    Two stories have struck me this week about dogs in cemeteries the first one was reported widely on social networks and told of a dog called Captain who for the last 6 years has slept next to the grave of his owner. According to reports as soon as Captain realised that his owner Miguel Guzman had passed away he sought out the grave and despite efforts to keep the dog at home he has always managed to get right back to the Cemetery so now that is where he lives looked after by the Cemetery Director and caretakers. Now Captain is very lucky to have people who are looking after him and also to live in Argentina where dogs appear to be allowed into cemeteries.

    Captain Dog Photo Credit : La Voz
    If he were to be living in some parts of the Staffordshire Moorlands he would not even be allowed to set a paw inside the cemetery because as reported in this week's Leek Post and Times it will soon be an offence in four parish councils to allow a dog to be in a cemetery. The remainder of the parish councils (apart from Cheddleton and Ipstones who have rejected the plans) have opted for the softer regulation of having to have any dogs on a lead if they are entering a cemetery. Whilst I understand that irresponsible dog owners may allow their dogs to run around or foul on sacred ground, I  also remember that taking a friend's dog around a local cemetery for a bit of peace and quiet was one of the things that my own mum enjoyed. What about the elderly relative who may want to pay their respects along with a loyal dog, sadly in some places this will be against the law. So yet another law, part of the Dog Control Orders which will require consultation ( read money ) design and wording of the signs ( read money ) and should anyone fall foul of this law....some enforcement activity noted as "where possible" ( read more money ). I believe this law will penalise responsible dog owners and the community who have to pay for its implementation. I expect that anyone who currently allows their dogs to run riot through local cemeteries will continue ignoring the law and any attempts to enforce it. So it seems the likes of Captain a latter day Greyfriars Bobby will soon not be welcome in some parts of the Staffordshire Moorlands. What do you think is this a law too far or do you agree with stricter controls on dogs in public areas?

  • New York Dogs

    We have just got back from a short hop across to New York where we took some time out check out the Dog and Pet Boutique scene stateside. It is always great to have a look around other pet businesses to get ideas for new products.

    Cat in NYC pet shop Cute cat keeping customers happy
    In New York dogs are everywhere to be seen with owners out on early morning dogs walks around the city and yes we did see a fair amount of dogs being carried in bling carriers by equally blinged up owners! We visited pet shops in Greenwich Village, and Lexington Avenue as well as a few smaller shops dotted around the city.
    Cute Dog Collars and Leads Cute Dog Collars and Leads
    Whilst we did not see too many new products it was great to see how the shops were set out, it gave us lots of ideas for our new retail premises which we hope to set up very very soon. A visit to the Container Store also saw us leaving with various doggie themed items which we wish we could get in the UK!

      Finally having shopped on almost every floor in Macy's we were delighted to find right next to the bar in the basement a huge doggie themed display of Marc Tetro products and we simply could not resist bringing a few of the pop up cards home with us as well as a beautiful scottie dog canvas print. ( which luckily made it back across the pond in one piece)

    Marc Tetro Art Marc Tetro Art
      We would love to hear what new dog or cat products you have spotted while you have been on holiday, and if we like the sound of it you might find them in stock at Dougal's Den!

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