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  • STAGbar 100% Natural Antler Dog Chew

    StagBar Logo We are very excited to be stocking the original 100% natural antler dog chew. We have had quite a lot of requests for these new products which arrived on the market earlier this year in the UK.  They are made in the UK and are a very long lasting dog chew. They wear down very slowly when your pooch chews on the antler and the dry marrow inside is eventually exposed as a lovely tasty treat. The antler dog chew is from the PureDog brand who are committed to developing a range of natural, hypoallergenic treats, chews and training rewards. StagBars are safe, won't splinter or chip or cause blockages. They are additive and preservative free and are great for dogs who are on a calorie controlled diet as they contain minimal amounts of fat. We could not wait for the delivery to arrive and when they did we were amazed at the different sizes and shapes, and if you think about it because they are a completely natural product they will come in lots of different shapes, some looking like a medium size bone where as others look more like a typical antler! Best of all there is no smell (like with some other 'natural' treats) and they will not stain carpets or floors. So what did the testing team think of them? Well Dougal took his to one side and had a good sniff after he had walked around with it in his mouth while  Ozzy  has been chewing his constantly since it arrived earlier this morning.

    StagBar Antler Dog Chew


    StagBar Antler Chew


    Antler Dog Chew


    I suspect that Dougal will like his a bit more after I have soaked it overnight in some water in the fridge which is recommended if your pooch does not appear to be that fussed about the chews! The StagBar Antler Dog Chew is available in four sizes so you will be able to select the size that is most suitable for your breed of dog.
    • Small for toy dog breeds
    • Medium for small to medium dogs
    • Large for medium to large dogs
    • Extra large for giant breeds or dogs who have very strong jaws

    As with all chews make sure that you check it for wear and remove the antler dog chew when it gets to a size small enough for your dog to easily swallow, and always supervise your pooch when chewing the Stagbar.    

  • Belated Birthday Post

    Trust us to take some great pictures of Ozzy McDougal's Birthday on the 11th August and then totally forget to share them. It is hard to believe that it is almost a year since this little bundle of trouble came into our lives. Having forgotten what it was like to have a pup, remember old Mr Dougal is 16 years old this year, we have only just got over the shock of having a new pup! Anyhow we decided to make a fuss of Ozzy who is now sometimes known as Dougal-Tini or Mookie for some strange reason, its funny that even pets seem to get nick names! So we baked some biscuits and let him have one of our great Egg Babies toys as a birthday present.

    Home Made Dog Biscuits


    We tested them on Humans First!  Mark actually commented that they would go well with some cheese, they were lamb and mint flavour treats and were really easy to make. Just chuck all the ingredients into a food processor, wizz them up, roll out the dough and bake!

    Tested on Humans


    Human testers Ryan, Mark and Adam really did taste them as well as posing for some pictures , and helping out with making the actual treats!

    Dogs waiting for Treats


    Dougal Tini's Birthday Present all wrapped up ready and waiting. He loved his Egg Baby toy, actually he liked the eggs inside the egg baby more than the actual toy itself which is designed by those great guys at Kyjen and is a cute little duck with three eggs inside ( which squeak). The general idea is that the toys are for dogs who like to rip open plush toys to find the squeaker - like almost every dog we have ever known. You simply show the dog that they can get the squeaking eggs out to play with and they are then discouraged from ripping the toy apart.


    Sadly Dougal-Tini did not really get the idea, well he is just a baby, so he loved playing with the three squeaking eggs much more than the bigger toy and we spent all evening retrieving the eggs from under various bits or furniture. I expect that he will get the idea in time, suffice to say that a great day was had by all and the toy, including the three eggs is still intact! We did take some video footage of the little tyke playing with his new toy so watch out for that soon. He had a great Birthday and we all loved making a fuss of him with his homemade biscuits we just can't believe that a year has gone by so fast!

  • Tweeting Cat Wand hasn't Stopped Tweeting

    The Tweeting Cat Wand by  House of Paws seems to be a hit with our two new gorgeous cat models Oscar and Arthur. The toys that are part of the House of Paws range were a huge success, as these lovely photos show!

    For cats that like the sound of a tweeting bird this toy will be like music to their ears. This toy has a black wand to protect your hands and snake skin material to cover the toy itself. Brown and cream feathers are also attached which the cats seem to love playing with.

    Oscar and Arthur had hours of fun playing with this toy and a total of 90 photos taken of them!

    Oscar Biting Toy


    Arthurs turn


    Arthur cat toy


    Oscar Cat Toy


    Arthur cat toy


    Oscar cat toy


    Arthur cat toy


    Take a look at our House of Paws new range where there are three other toys to keep you cat entertained. Each toy is different so I'm sure that you'll be able to find the right toy for your kitty. We also have a huge range of cat wand toys from Hem and Boo, so be sure to take a look at them too. Thanks to Jake and Millie for taking the time to take these lovely photos and letting us use them on the website; I'm sure there will be more to come.

  • Ozzy McDougal is a big boy now

    Ozzy McDougal


    Our pup Ozzy McDougal is almost a year old and last night he managed to jump right up onto the big bed so I suppose that means that he is almost all grown up. He will be a year old on the 11th of August and we are planning a birthday party for him with all the usual toys, treats and of course a birthday cake! It has been a fun year getting to know this little guy, from his early days as a tiny little thing no bigger than his favourite toy to the endless 'no bite' commands which we still have to yell anytime he gets sight of a new set of toes to nibble on.
    Tini Pup


    We have not managed to do as much training with Ozzy as we planned so he still has some bad habits, crazy barking when the door bell rings, total lack of recall the minute he spots a rabbit or a pheasant, but on the whole he is a lovely little boy. I would like to start him with some agility classes in a few month's time but  fear he may need some remedial training before we venture down the agility track. He has quite a different dog to Dougal in that we have less chewing of toys, socks and shoes but more chewing of plastic yoghurt tubs and plants in the garden. I have been astonished by his sense of smell, he can sniff out sheep poo within a mile radius oh and he hates water, Dougal on the other hand will still launch himself into the canal on a hot day to cool off. We are looking forward to the next stage in young Ozzy's life with us and  promise to post more pictures of him as he develops over the coming months.
    Ozzy In Kitchen


  • Leek and District Show 2011

    Everyone at Dougal's Den had a great day on Saturday at Leek Show. It was the first time we ever attended as business and I have to say we were very pleased by all the positive comments we received about the range of products that we brought along.

    Dougal's Den at  Leek Show


    It was a very hot day so we were very busy with the Don't Cook Your Dog Sticker and as we were located right beside the dog show we were able to explain the campaign to lots of lovely dog owners. Our paddling pool was very popular with all of the doggies and at one point we even had a queue of doggies waiting to take a cooling dip. We were surprised that many of the owners said that this was the first time they had seen a paddling pool provided for doggies, in our view it was essential on such a hot day.
    Cooling Down at Leek Show


    We had a great time chatting to all the dog owners about our products and  some cat owners who were pleased that we had brought along a selection of cat teaser toys and cat collars. Our most popular products of the day were the Pet Head shampoos , the bone bowls and the dogberry squeaky toys. Mr Ozzy McDougal came along with us for part of the day and I have to say he was quite well behaved , I think the number of people and dogs scared him a little, but he had fun saying hello to all the friendly pooches we met. We met a lot of people who live locally so are looking forward to catching up with them at the Holly Bush which is a a very popular dog friendly pub. So a massive thank you to everyone who made a purchase, we hope you and your pets are very happy with your new toys, treats collars and leads. Oh and if you did not manage to get a card from us remember you can get 10% discount off your 1st on line order by using the code LEEK at the checkout. We are all now just about recovered from the show and already looking forward to our next one on Monday 29th August at Heaton House Farm,  Rushton Spencer, we hope to see you there.

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