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  • Don't Cook Your Dog Campaign

    Dougal's Den are proud to support Beverley Cuddy's Don't Cook Your Dog Campaign and are offering a FREE sticker with every order.

    You may have heard the terrible story in media about the deaths of two dogs who were left in a hot car by their police handler. Unfortunately every year similar stories emerge. In an effort to take something positive out of this tragic event Beverley who is the editor of Dogs Today Magazine has launched a campaign to help educate everyone about just how quickly a dog overheat and die if left in a car.

    You can read all about the Don't Cook Your Dog campaign on Beverley's Blog which includes information on just how quickly a car can get hot even with the windows open on a cloudy day. You can play your part in spreading the word by displaying one of these stickers in your car. We are expecting supplies of the stickers early next week and we will be sending one out with every order. You can also read the RSPCA advice about dogs in hot weather conditions. Personally I think that if I saw a dog in distress in a hot car then I would try to get the dog out of the car and in to the shade. I understand that I might have an angry dog owner with a damaged car to deal with but that would be easier to live with than a dead dog on my conscience. Please think twice before you leave a dog in a car..... even with the windows open....... even on a cloudy day....... even just for 5 minute....... It could end up being the worst decision of your life. Please Don't Cook Your Dog

  • Dogs at Work

    Most of the time it is great having the dogs in the office, they bring some light relief from boring accounts and make us laugh at their antics when a new delivery arrives and they are usually more excited about the box and the delivery man than the goodies inside. But just sometimes when we really need to keep our heads down and concentrate like today when we had some overdue expenses to sort out, they can be a real pain. We have had constant barking for attention, rummaging in bins and then some high level window watching....




    with some 'help" move packing supplies around .....

    Ozzy McDougal Helps Out


    I know all of this is just because he is bored and has not managed the great escape of yesterday when I had to bound over two fields to find him amongst six horses merrily running around with a 15 metre lead trailing behind him. So today after we have finished packing up all the orders for delivery we promise Mr Ozzy McDougal will get an extra long walk along the canal. Even on busy days like today we are glad that we have our dogs at work each and every day.

  • Weekend Sunshine at Rudyard Lake

    We have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine with the boys. Quite a lazy day on Saturday with some chores completed and then an unexpected visit from my two godsons meant that Mr Ozzy McDougal had a great race around the fields - all three of them did six laps and were suitably hot and sweaty and in much need of a cool drink. Dougal stayed with us on the patio and watched the energetic threesome's escapades. Like you would expect from a 15 year old who knows better than to go out in the mid day sunshine!

    Rudyard Lake


    Then this morning we all awoke with the need for some exercise so off we trundled to Rudyard Lake , we got there about 9.30 and decided to do the circular loop walk which we believe is about six miles. It was beautiful in the early morning sunshine. One side of the walk runs parallel with the lake so the pooches could nip in for a cool down.


    As we walked around  the lake we thought about the the numerous courting couples who had walked the tranquil banks of the lake before us like a certain John Lockwood Kipling and Alice Macdonald who walked there in 1863. Their love blossomed, they married, and their first-born was named after the lake. He became one of Britain's greatest writers having penned the Jungle Book, Kim and The Man who would be King to name a few. It really is fascinating to think that many years ago people walked on the same path as we did today. The return journey on the other side is a bit more hilly but still shaded from the heat of the midday sunshine  which is just as well as we got back to the car park around 11:45.  Both dogs ( and us) suitably tired out, perhaps it was a bit to long for Dougal but he held his own against the 10 month old pup.  


    A lovely walk with some great views of the lake, our advice would be to go early in the morning if you want to avoid the crowd as it was packed with people, dogs and boats around lunch time.

    Hope you all enjoyed the weekend sunshine as much as we did.

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