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  • Poochie Bells Tried and Tested

    Since we are the only UK stockists of Poochie Bells I asked Kajsa who I met through twitter to test out  the doggie doorbell. Here is her full and frank review! I'd heard of these bells through a podcast and wondered if it might be useful for my pupster (Bumble, 6-month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier) to get to grips with. You see, she's fairly good at telling me when she needs to go; she sits quietly and patiently by the back door until I go and open it. Unless I don't know she's there, because she's quiet and patient, in which case she finds the next best place to do her business, which of course is indoors... I didn't want to encourage barking or scratching so when I heard of these bells I thought it was a great idea! Luckily I follow Dougal's Den on Twitter and saw they wanted a dog trainer to review the bells, so I signed up. I received the bells very quickly in a neat little package and was extremely pleased with the look and quality of the bells - they really are very cute (I got the "cold nose, warm heart" bells). I read the instructions and was a little bit confused as it (more or less) just said to hang the bells up, ring them every time the dog goes out and eventually the dog will start ringing the bells themselves. Well, I tried this with Bumble and she paid no attention to it whatsoever. So I decided on a different tact. I've taught her the "touch" command, whereby I hold my hand out, say "touch!" and she touches it with her nose. I changed it so that every time she wanted to go out, I held the bell out, told her to "touch" and as soon as she did, I opened the door and said "good girl!". Her reward was only the door opening and the "good girl". I carried on doing this with my hand slowly moving further away from the bells and my command changing from "touch" to "ring the bell". I had to do this very gradually as she wasn't convinced she needed to ring the bell to be let out. I received the bells on 6th Nov and on the 25th Nov she rang them on my command when I was nowhere near the bells. The next morning 26th Nov she sat by the door and I could see her starting to look at the bells, so I just waited and - hey presto! - she rang the bells without prompting! What a clever pupster! So it's taken three weeks, but perseverance pays off. In Summary - Quick shipment - Excellent product - quality at a good price; looks cute hanging on the door - Instructions are not the easiest to follow and I don't think they'll work for all dogs, but I think any dog is capable of learning how to use the bells - Great idea. Now Bumble can actually tell me when she needs to go instead of me guessing all the time. Highly recommended. Kajsa is a dog trainer hence the reason we asked her to try the Poochie Bells out and her company Cassy & Co can also take care of your pet sitting and  dog walking in both Nottingham and London. You can even check out this great video of Bumble with her Poochie Bells. Thanks to Kajsa for taking the time to test the Poochie Bells out for us.

  • Funky Fish Feeder

    Having spent so much time over the past few weeks updating the site with lots and lost of dog toys we almost forgot all about this funky fish feeder for your cat! Come Dine With Me A double feeder so food and water can be served to your cat in a stylish fashion or perhaps your cat would like to invite a friend for dinner? The stainless steel bowls are removable and can be popped in the dishwasher. The fish 'table' has an easy wipe clean surface and the non slip feet hold it firmly in place. From the guys at Hing Designs it really is just that little bit different. Currently we only have the orange colour in stock but we soon hope to add the same funky colours we have Bone Bowl available in. What cat wouldn't love to be served from the funky fish feeder?

  • Christmas Owls Twit Twoo

    We have been getting in the christmas mood and while we have been adding all the christmas stuff to our own shop we have been having a look on Etsy for some fun and original gifts.

    Owl Ornaments


    We love owls so were thrilled when we found EvelynX Gift Shop and all of her cute owls. We really love the Ipod and Iphone cases.


    They are so cute and much nicer to get out of a handbag than the boring ones everyone else has. There are even some cases for an Ipad.


    I know what I will be putting on my christmas list some of these cute christmas owls! Twit Twoo

  • Love Pets Show

    Love Pets Show

    We have been very busy over the past few weeks getting ready for the Love Pets show which is being held in Peterborough on the 27th and 28th November. This is our 2nd show but it is bigger than our previous one so we have had a lot more to do. We are excited because Kate & Gin the Britain's Got Talent finalist will be there doing some doggie dancing as well as TV Vet Joe Inglis. You can book tickets in advance here £6 for adults and £10 for a family ticket ( they will cost more on the day). We are looking forward to meeting some of our customers in the flesh or fur! You can find out lots more about what else is going on at the show at the Love Pets website and if you able to come along you could be in with a chance of winning a great cat or dog christmas package from us!

  • Not just for Cats and Dogs

    Did you know that we have stuff in our shop that is not just for cats and dogs? We try to hunt down items that we think will appeal to people who appreciate great design and quirky items. This was exactly the case when we spotted these practical and fun rabbit clips from United Pets. As you can see they are a little funky and fun and just that bit different to the boring run of the mill kitchen clips. This set were purchased recently by a lovely customer from Germany ( yes we do post overseas, you just have to contact us by e-mail before you place your order so we can let you know the postage costs) . As you can see they look great and are practical as well. Miriam said this about the Cip Cip rabbit clips from United Pets. Cip Cip Clip from United Pets

    Cip Cip Rabbit Clip from United Pets

    "The rabbit clips are strong. They are easily keeping the stubborn packing of the müsli together. If they are not in use they are an excellent decoration for the kitchen. Not just for bunny lovers." Miriam also needed some help organising her notes and to do lists so Morris came to the rescue, this cute mule shaped note holder will keep your desk or table tidy, and you will always know where to go when someone says " have you got a pen and piece of paper? " Morris Memo Holder Miriam said this about Morris "Morris is perfect for our kitchen table. Before Morris lived in our household the table was messy with bulk memos. Now he is holding  the shopping list and sometimes he is keeping a lovely note in his mouth. What a helpful mule." Morris memo Holder A big thank you to Miriam for sending us these great pictures and the review of our not just for cats and dogs products.  An extra thank you for being so patient!! Royal Mail lost the 1st order Miriam made! If you are on twitter you might want to check out a great rabbit sanctuary in Germany which the lovely Miriam introduced us to  @RettetKaninchen they really do know how to look after the bunnies!

  • New Kyjen Dog Toys tested by the Boys

    We are so excited to at last have a huge range of the fantastic dog toys from Kyjen in our shop. These toys are a little bit different to the usual dogs toys, plus they are extra durable so your pooch will have longer lasting fun.

    Dougal with Kyjen Dog Toy


    Of course Dougal and Ozzy had to get in on the act and as soon as the toys arrived they helped us out by testing the Alligator Long Body Squeaker Mat. This amazing dog toy has 16 squeakers plus a rattle so just think of all the fun your pooch will have wrestling this super toy. You can see how big it is compared to the boys, they are both Cairn Terriers so love to romp around the place with their toys. Little Ozzy also likes to snuggle down with his after a play time session.
    Ozzy with Kyjen Dog Toy


    We have a few more Kyjen dog toys to add on to the website today, but you can have a look at the range so far and why not have a sneaky look at the Christmas Shop we are creating where we will be bringing you all the best festive toys and treats for your furry friends.

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