Amazing finds for the furry kind

About Dougal's Den

If you want some help finding the best new products for your little or large furry friends then you have come to the right place. We love to sniff out the latest and greatest dog and cat products and we even have a team who test them out for you and give you their honest opinion. There are some really exceptional pet products available, trouble is they are not all in one place so our aim is put them all under one roof so you know where to go when you want something innovative, fun, practical and definitely not too pricey, for your furry friends or even for yourself. We stock a wide range of pet supplies from dog collars to cat scratching posts and dog toys to doggie safe chocolates

Our History

Dougal's Den started in 2010 in response to the lack of stylish pet products available in the usual pet superstores, and also as a result of more and more bricks and mortar pet stores disappearing from the high street. Our aim is to become the place that people think of when they want something unusual for their pets. We have a huge number of contacts all over the world and we love nothing more than bringing you a great new dog toy or cat nip treat for your furry family. We are a small company with big plans and the whole idea was the brain child of Lynn Haigh who decided that pet lovers deserved a top notch online pet shop. We think that because our pets bring so much fun and joy to our lives, shopping for them should be a fun experience too.

Our Furry Family

Dougal is the top dog around here and so that is why his name is on the door. He is a beautiful Cairn Terrier who is now in his 15th year. He is not as fast as he used to be but you can bet that he can still give the local pheasants a chase when he manages to spot them! He is a typical terrier who still loves to dig at any opportunity, his favourite spot for digging is on the beach where likes to have a paddle to cool down.

He has had his fair share of medical problems over the years and is currently battling with a small tumour in his eye as well as a larger growth in his bladder. We are so lucky to have had him around for so long and hope that we are lucky enough to have him for a while longer. He has a concoction of drugs to keep him pain free and to support his liver function.

 Dougal spends his days following us around as we pack orders, having a snooze when we are doing desk work and greeting the many delivery men who turn up on a regular basis.