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Smelly Dog Ears?


Does your dog have smelly ears? Are you always telling your dog to stop scratching? Do you notice your dog licking their back paws? If so your dog might have the same problem as my friends dog, Alfie had…Smelly Dog Ears or to be specific one smelly dog ear which he would scratch and scratch leaving it enlarged, inflamed and looking quite angry and red. He would scratch it so…..Read More

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Yak Snacks Dog Chew


We are always being asked about the best dog chew for tough chewers, so we were very excited to start stocking Yak Snacks. These hard chews are made from Yak’s Milk, Cow’s Milk and a touch of lime juice and salt. Initially we did think that due to the price that not many customers would be interested in trying them. How wrong were we!! Since starting to stock them a…..Read More

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Dog Food at Dougal’s Den


We stock four brands of dog food at Dougal’s Den. All of the food we stock is grain free and premium quality food. Although you might think the food is more expensive than your current brand, because the meat content in our dog food is higher, you actually feed less in volume. This usually means it is not as expensive as you would first think. Our ethos behind the brands…..Read More

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