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Sung as a Bug

  • Rain Rain Go Away!

    We usually love going for walks with the pooches but the last few days have been so wet and horrible that even the boys are not fussed about going out for a walk. Apart from the trot around the field to take care of their business they have been firmly attached to their beds for most of the weekend! Just could not resist showing you the two of them in their different sleeping poses! This first picture is of Mr Ozzy McDougal who prefers the bean bag type of bed, this is a human bean bag which he has taken over as his favourite sleeping spot!

    Ozzy McDougal Sleeping


    Where as Dougal prefers to stretch right out and loves his pillow bed ( we actually have this dog bed in stock in the shop on sale at the moment). Wherever they end up sleeping they always look so comfortable, it makes me sleepy just looking at these pictures.
    Dougal Sleeping on Pet Brands Bed


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