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  • STAGbar 100% Natural Antler Dog Chew

    StagBar Logo We are very excited to be stocking the original 100% natural antler dog chew. We have had quite a lot of requests for these new products which arrived on the market earlier this year in the UK.  They are made in the UK and are a very long lasting dog chew. They wear down very slowly when your pooch chews on the antler and the dry marrow inside is eventually exposed as a lovely tasty treat. The antler dog chew is from the PureDog brand who are committed to developing a range of natural, hypoallergenic treats, chews and training rewards. StagBars are safe, won't splinter or chip or cause blockages. They are additive and preservative free and are great for dogs who are on a calorie controlled diet as they contain minimal amounts of fat. We could not wait for the delivery to arrive and when they did we were amazed at the different sizes and shapes, and if you think about it because they are a completely natural product they will come in lots of different shapes, some looking like a medium size bone where as others look more like a typical antler! Best of all there is no smell (like with some other 'natural' treats) and they will not stain carpets or floors. So what did the testing team think of them? Well Dougal took his to one side and had a good sniff after he had walked around with it in his mouth while  Ozzy  has been chewing his constantly since it arrived earlier this morning.

    StagBar Antler Dog Chew


    StagBar Antler Chew


    Antler Dog Chew


    I suspect that Dougal will like his a bit more after I have soaked it overnight in some water in the fridge which is recommended if your pooch does not appear to be that fussed about the chews! The StagBar Antler Dog Chew is available in four sizes so you will be able to select the size that is most suitable for your breed of dog.
    • Small for toy dog breeds
    • Medium for small to medium dogs
    • Large for medium to large dogs
    • Extra large for giant breeds or dogs who have very strong jaws

    As with all chews make sure that you check it for wear and remove the antler dog chew when it gets to a size small enough for your dog to easily swallow, and always supervise your pooch when chewing the Stagbar.    

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