Amazing finds for the furry kind


  • Dogs on Bogs

    Given the state of health in the Dougal's Den office at the moment I though it was apt to show you some fun products that we found via one of our twitter followers. Most of this week has been spent within 5 meters of a toilet for us as the flu I have seems to have upset my tum as well!  Whilst not in the smallest room I have had the mop bucket close by as poor Dougal has has a poorly bot too. So in between sneezing and mopping up and bathing Dougal after a very bad episode on the bed finding these amusing Dogs on Bogs brought a smile to cheer us up. Dogs on Bogs supply novelty toilet seats something that would bring a smile to anyone visiting the smallest room in the house!

    Scottish Terrier Dog on Bog


    Boxer Dogs on Bogs




    We hope they make you smile!

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