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Yesterday we got the very sad news that Dougal's brother Scooby has crossed the rainbow bridge, this is particularly poignant for us as Scooby is obviously the same age as our oldie, and Scooby lived with my best friend Karen. Scooby It was as always a very hard decision for Karen and her family, Scooby had started to have little mini fits and has had problems over the past few months with various forms of stomach upset and like Dougal he had recurrent problems with his eyes getting infections. He had lost a lot of weight and for the past few weeks was not able to keep even the tasty tuna and poached chicken Karen cooked for him in his little body. So yesterday Karen did the kindest thing that anyone who has spent almost 17 years with a pet can do. It is so hard because of course it is easy to think maybe if we had this test or that test he could have some treatment which would extend his life for a few more months or maybe even a year. However putting a dog who has lived for 16 happy years through the stress of tests and visits to the vet is a tough call. We have already made the decision that if Dougal needs any emergency treatment or invasive tests that we will not put him through this, he hates the vet visits and I would not want his last memory to be a scary stressful experience. So I totally agree with the hard choice that Karen made yesterday to let Scooby go. One of my funniest memories of Scooby was how he always seemed to manage to escape from the garden every christmas morning and had to be chased and caught before presents could be opened. I also remember us shouting for them both until we almost lost our voices when they went rabbit chasing around Oakamoor, one of their favourite places to walk. I don't think that either of us believed nearly 17 years ago that these two little dogs would be with us for so long, they have been with us through births, deaths, marriages, divorces, house moves and job changes, the pooches have been with us through a lot of sad and also many very happy times. I remember when we first had them we immediately purchased every new toy, treat, comfy bed going and we stressed over every little cough or sneeze, much like mothers do over new babies.  

Boys inspecting the herd Boys inspecting the herd
Both dogs have moved around a bit, Dougal more than Scooby, but I know that he loved his time on the farm, looking out on the beautiful countryside, walking by the canal, Dougal really loved to visit him on the farm with all of the exciting new smells and animals to inspect! Scooby came to stay with us earlier this year when the weather took a turn for the worse and he loved being around Dougal and Ozzy.
Dougal and Scooby The Boys
Scooby has his final resting place at the farm, and the memory of this little dog will live on in our hearts forever, rest in peace Scooby, until we meet again.    

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