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Plague Rat

  • Plague Rat - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 8

    Ok it's time for a cat christmas countdown competition. Our cats are a bit strange when it comes to toys, they tend to prefer the 'live' toy variety and at this time of year we are always being left little presents. Don't you just love pets!!

    The only other toy that they seem to return to time and time again are the Plague Rat cat toys. These little guys are hand made in Wales and are stuffed full of the strongest catnip and valerian.

    Nip Tastic


    I tend to think of them as the human equivalent of a few glasses of champagne to get you all fizzed up, followed by the bacon sarnie the next morning to help you recover. The cat nip is the champagne which will send your cat into a frenzied fit of furriness or alternatively send them into a catnip coma where they just sit in the corner looking slightly mellow. The valerian calms down them after their escapades. They are very powerful cat nip toys so much so that we recommend that if you are having them delivered you make sure that the cats can't get to the parcel, we have lots of stories of cats ripping the packaging off to get at the cattastic toys inside. One other thing to point out is that the Plague Rat does have a rather strange odour which is not that pleasant to humans but your cat will love you forever if they get their paws on one of these toys. So to be in with a chance of winning two of these fab cat toys for for feline friends here is all you have to do:- How to enter : 1. Simply post a comment on our blog telling us your cat's current favourite toy. The competition is open from 10am on the 8th December until 10am on the 9th of December and we will announce the winner sometime on the 9th. Go on what are you waiting for get cracking for a chance to win two of these nip tastic Plague Rat toys.

  • Plague Rat Cat Toy Review

    Every now and then we need some products testing out and we always find lots of willing volunteers on twitter so when we needed someone to to a review of the Plague Rat Cat toy @ruthsimsmoore volunteered her puss cats to be our latest testers. Plague Rat Cat Toy A Plague Rat is no ordinary cat toy. These little bundles of fun are hand made by Sally Pointer in Wales, and are filled with a potent mixture of catnip and valerian root. They are made from linen with woollen tails, leather ears and small beady rat eyes. These little guys are so potent that we advise you to make sure that you are around when the postman delivers them, we have had more than a few people tell us that parcels have been opened by paw, by kitty cats who can't wait to get their paws on them. They are about 15cm long with a plaited 25cm tail, but as they are hand made sizes may vary. Our range has a red and black tail, with small orange/red bead eyes and black leather ears. So what did the cats think about them? This is what @ruthsimsmoore told us... "My 2 year old female cat loved the plague rat as you can see in the video! straight away she was really interested, and she is normally quite held back when it comes to new things or people that she comes across! She did enjoy a good play and then later returned to it, and a few days later when I gave it to her again she was again loving the rat :) My next door neighbour also tried it with her cat and he LOVED it also as you can see... Oscar with Plague Rat They are a tad smelly but you soon forget that when you see the antics of your pussycat and the rat. I think the colours of the plague rat are brill! " We also sent a few little sample bags of Fish4dogs Complete Cat Food which went down a treat with Ruth's two cats. "This went down VERY well with my two cats! and I would love to buy some for them in the future. Maybe in a bigger pack if they are avalible? My cats seemed very satisfied, however, even after sharing a pack between them! Nice little treat for them I think." So a big thanks to Ruth for taking the time to review these products for us, you can find our full range of amazing finds for the furry kind on line, Oh and make sure you follow us on twitter to be in with a chance of winning one of our weekly competitions. This blog post is dedicated to Theo, Forever Loved, Always Missed RIP 2008-2011.

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