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  • Wasp Stings are nasty things for dogs



    At this time of year wasps can be found in all sorts of places, in May and June they are usually busy collecting food for the larvae in their nest so tend to be too busy working away to be bothered by humans or other animals. But as the larvae hatch, the workers go in search of food for themselves and we all know they love anything sweet. The problem gets worse in July and August because all of the workers have nothing much to do apart from search for food and of course all of the newly hatched wasps are also on the hunt for your ice cream, beer or chocolate cake! Unfortunately Dougal was the subject of a wasp sting on Friday, he was having his walk in the usual field where we have not previously has a wasp problem when he started shaking his head and rubbing his face along the ground. On inspection we found a wasp stuck to his face near his nose, obviously we removed it but Dougal was very shaken by the whole incident. He immediately started to walk back towards home and then we noticed that he was getting slower and slower and eventually we had to pick him up. Back home he was shacking and panting and when he started to whimper we knew that a trip to the vet was required. He cried the whole way there, about 10 mins away, and when we arrived the vet took a look at him immediately as it is possible for dogs to get  anaphylactic shock just like humans can. The signs are shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and swelling of the eyes, and tongue.  Luckily Dougal appeared to not have the full symptoms but he was obviously in pain. So he was given some pain pills and also some antihistamine pills it is worth noting that things like Piriton can be given to dogs and cats if they suffer from an allergic reaction. Dougal weighs 10.5kg and his dose is half a 4mg pill twice a day. The pills do make him a bit sleepy but he appears so much better 48 hours later and now all we have to do is to make sure we keep him away from any of these pesky greedy wasps until the end of the summer. We are going to make sure we carry some Piriton with us in future just in case this happens again. We found this information on line about dosage for dogs BUT PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR VET. Tablets are 4mg, dosing is: Small dogs 2-4mg every 8-12hrs Large dogs 4-8mg every 8-12hrs Maximum recommended dose 0.5mg/kg every 12 hours There are contraindications so if your dog has medical conditions or is on other medications then check with your vet before giving them.

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