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  • Spot Bot saves the day

    I can honestly say that had it not been for the Spot Bot from Bissell having a new pup would have been a much more traumatic event. As everyone knows having a pup takes a lot of time and effort and with Ozzy we have had more than our fair share of mistakes and accidents on carpets during our ongoing house training journey. To be fair to Ozzy I know all of this is our fault not his because when we fail to have a consistent routine with him accidents are sure to happen. Another problem is we have a rather oddly shaped house in that we we have two doors which we use to go into the garden and I believe this has caused little Ozzy some confusion so from today we will be more consistent with the door he uses and hopefully that will help him remember where outside is. But back to the Spot Bot, I have always been suspicious of hand held cleaning devices, do they really work or will they be consigned to the back of the garage with all the other 'seems like a good idea at the time' products? Well I can honestly say that this device is worth every penny. There are three programme options on the model I have, 2 of them are hands free so you simply place the bot over the stain and let it get to work. One of the programmes is for recent stains and the other is for set in stains. Finally there is a manual hand held option as well which is great for smaller stains and stains on upholstery. I have used it on some old non pet related stains that my carpets had and they have all gone, and it works a treat on mopping up Ozzy's accidents, the hand held tool really has extremely powerful suction so in no time at all all traces of the accident can be removed. The only down side is that the cleaning solutions can be expensive so I have been experimenting with home made solutions and so far these seem to be working well. There are specific pet solutions that you can buy from Bissell which are formulated to remove the odour as well to help prevent repeat offenders. I actually bought mine from Lakeland , they had a special free postage offer on before christmas but there is a UK Bissell shop as well so well worth a look if you are looking for the best price. If you have pets who sometimes have accidents or kids who are prone to dropping food and drinks or maybe you just want to keep your carpets stain free then this little Spot Bot could be just what you need. Bissell did not ask or reward me in any way for writing this review I just wanted to share my experiences of this great product. Now instead of yelling at Ozzy I simply count to ten and get the Spot Bot on the job.

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