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Ozzy McDougal

  • Ozzy McDougal is a big boy now

    Ozzy McDougal


    Our pup Ozzy McDougal is almost a year old and last night he managed to jump right up onto the big bed so I suppose that means that he is almost all grown up. He will be a year old on the 11th of August and we are planning a birthday party for him with all the usual toys, treats and of course a birthday cake! It has been a fun year getting to know this little guy, from his early days as a tiny little thing no bigger than his favourite toy to the endless 'no bite' commands which we still have to yell anytime he gets sight of a new set of toes to nibble on.
    Tini Pup


    We have not managed to do as much training with Ozzy as we planned so he still has some bad habits, crazy barking when the door bell rings, total lack of recall the minute he spots a rabbit or a pheasant, but on the whole he is a lovely little boy. I would like to start him with some agility classes in a few month's time but  fear he may need some remedial training before we venture down the agility track. He has quite a different dog to Dougal in that we have less chewing of toys, socks and shoes but more chewing of plastic yoghurt tubs and plants in the garden. I have been astonished by his sense of smell, he can sniff out sheep poo within a mile radius oh and he hates water, Dougal on the other hand will still launch himself into the canal on a hot day to cool off. We are looking forward to the next stage in young Ozzy's life with us and  promise to post more pictures of him as he develops over the coming months.
    Ozzy In Kitchen


  • Dogs at Work

    Most of the time it is great having the dogs in the office, they bring some light relief from boring accounts and make us laugh at their antics when a new delivery arrives and they are usually more excited about the box and the delivery man than the goodies inside. But just sometimes when we really need to keep our heads down and concentrate like today when we had some overdue expenses to sort out, they can be a real pain. We have had constant barking for attention, rummaging in bins and then some high level window watching....




    with some 'help" move packing supplies around .....

    Ozzy McDougal Helps Out


    I know all of this is just because he is bored and has not managed the great escape of yesterday when I had to bound over two fields to find him amongst six horses merrily running around with a 15 metre lead trailing behind him. So today after we have finished packing up all the orders for delivery we promise Mr Ozzy McDougal will get an extra long walk along the canal. Even on busy days like today we are glad that we have our dogs at work each and every day.

  • Dougal and Ozzy

    Quick post for all the guys and gals who have been asking to see Dougal and new addition Ozzy together. This was shot a few weeks ago on one of our morning walks, as you can see Ozzy is still a little cheeky with Dougal and really just needs putting in his place. Dougal bless him is the perfect gent and only really gets annoyed when his food is under attack. Even though he is 15 as you can see the old guy still manages the odd charge or two to catch up after a sniff around the mole hills. The young'un is still so fascinated by everything that is is almost impossible to get him to stand still for a photo so you can see much more of him on a video. Hope you all enjoy seeing the boys together as much as we enjoy being with them every day.

  • Cute Bandana Boys

    What great friends we have found on twitter, people like @puppy_love_pets who sent us some lovely hand made bandana gifts for the boys! As you can see Dougal can still turn on the charm when he wants to, just look at him in his lovely red check bandana.



    New boy Ozzy had just woken up from a nap when we managed to get this picture of him in his Skull + Crossbones pirate bandana. It is perfect for him as he is swash buckling around the house like a typical puppy. I know the guys at puppy class will be so jealous.


    They really are such cute items, made with care and attention to detail and unlike scarf style bandanas they stay put as they have velcro fastenings which fit your individual dog's neck perfectly. New fabrics are introduced on a regular basis so you should check out the Puppy's shop where you can purchase a bandana for your pooch or even for your cat! Thanks so much to @puppy_love_pets for sending these lovely presents to the boys and I can't wait to see the christmas designs!

  • New Puppy

    We had quite forgotten just how much time a new puppy can steal from you. Introducing Ozzy McDougal who arrived with us on the 9th October which yes is only 4 days ago! Ozzy_at_kennels Ozzy was born on the 11th August and will be 9 weeks old tomorrow he is a cairn terrier and is quite dark in colour but as we know Cairn's can change colour dramatically so we think he will stay dark with a bit of red. His mum was dark and his dad a red both lovely dogs. So he is installed in the household and already making his presence felt, he has a crate in the kitchen where he sleeps at night and generally after about 5 -10 minutes of howling he settles down for the night. We are obviously in the middle of house training and with the assistance of puppy pads ( these did not exist 15 years ago when we had Dougal) we have so far only had one major accident on the carpet. The thing that I had forgotten is just how much you have to watch a new puppy like a hawk, having had an older dog for so many years I had to totally puppy proof the whole house. So plants that he could chew have been moved, toys that were long forgotten by Dougal have had a new lease of life. Cats bowls have to be moved immediately as Ozzy loves the taste of stinky cat food. The house is looking a lot more tidy apart from the puppy toys, news papers and puppy pads all over the place. I was reminded just how much having a puppy is like having a small unruly toddler who demands attention all the time. So the last few days have been spend letting him settle in, now we need to get him into a routine so that I have a chance to get back to being able to do some work. So here is the routine:-

    • Wake up - go outside for a pee and a poo hopefully
    • Have breakfast
    • Play time for 20 minutes
    • Go outside for a pee and a poo hopefully
    • Go into little satchel bag and go for a 'walk' with Dougal
    • Come home have a sleep for about an hour
    • Have lunch + play time for 20 minutes
    • Go outside for a pee and a poo hopefully
    • Have a sleep for about an hour
    • Have afternoon snack
    • Play time for about 20 minutes
    • Watch while we prepare dinner
    • Sleep until dinner
    • Have dinner
    • Play time for about an hour
    • Go outside for a pee and a poo hopefully
    • Sleep/Play/Poo until bedtime
    • Howl for 10 minutes
    • Sleep

    Get up and do it all over again Ozzy has a a little play pen that he spends some time in, this is a great idea as he can be with us but not getting into everything and getting under foot. He will be going to a puppy party for one hour over the next three weeks to help him socialise with other dogs. He will be able to go for walks outside from the 2nd November after he has had all of his vaccinations so hopefully he will be able to walk off some of his excess energy. He is a total joy and greets each new experience with wonder, he has already given us hours of pleasure with his cute little bear like face, his tiny bark and big howl and of course the way he want's to copy Dougal and be a big dog. A new puppy is a wonderful thing and little Ozzy is everything we could have wished for and more. We will have more tales of how Ozzy is getting on in his new world soon, now where did I leave that mop!

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