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  • SafeStix dog toys are a Hit

    When we found the Safestix dog fetch toy, the safe alternative to throwing sticks for your pooch we could not wait to hear what you thought about it. So imagine how pleased we were when we had these lovely pictures land in our mail box. Just take a look at these very happy doggies playing with their new toy on the beach.

    Fudge with SafeStix


    Dogs playing with Safestix


    Fudge with Safestix


    Muppet with Safestix


    Dogs playing tug of war with Safestix


    Fudge and Muppet


    A you can see the Safestix has rounded ends so it will not lodge itself in the ground ( even sand)  and Fudge and Muppet are also able to grab it and have a great game of tug of war. Safestix were designed by husband and wife team Paul and Helen after their Jack Russell Terrier Razzle sustained a mouth injury after chasing a wooden stick. If your dog loves chasing and fetching sticks then the Safestix is the toy you need. This super dog toy is one of a kind with nothing like it available in the UK. Made from tough non toxic rubber and will withstand a fair amount of chewing. But it comes into its own when used as a fetch toy, the bright orange colour makes it easy to spot for you and your dog and it even floats. We currently stock the 70cm chunky twist design which is suitable for medium to large dogs or a feisty terrier and soon we will have a smaller 50cm version as well as some super tough and dental versions. A huge thanks to @julieanddoods for taking these great pictures of her pooches having such fun on the beach they all look like they are having a great time. If you love labradoodles as much as Julie does then why not check out this great forum especially for doodle lovers !

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