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  • Dougal's Den in the Leek Post and Times

    Dougal's Den had a mention in the last two editions of the Leek Post and Times. Just before we opened in amongst floor cleaning, stock pricing up and a million and one other things a photographer arrived to take my picture with a selection of the lovely dog toys we have in the shop. Dougal's Den Open in Leek Apart from the amount of double chin on show I think it's a great pic! Then last night I was working late at the shop when a lovely lady knocked on the door to ask me if I had seen this week's Leek Post and Times as there was a letter in there about the new Pet place on Stanley Street. I managed to grab a copy on the way home and saw on the letters page a letter from a lady who had been in to the shop on opening day.

    Dougal's Den Leek Post Letter

      It was great to read that she appreciated the advice I gave about not needing another dog coat and also that trying to ease her dog into wearing a coat seems to be working. I think the letter sums up how we operate at Dougal's Den, we are not about hard sell, we would rather chat to customers about what they need and if  it's not actually something that we sell then we will recommend where you can get it. We have had a tremendous amount of support from the local community and to see our efforts appreciated in print was fantastic. An extra big thanks to Angela for taking the time to write such a lovely letter, and to the lady who told us about the letter in the first place.

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