Amazing finds for the furry kind


  • Seamsters Dog Toy Tested

    We are always very excited to find a new dog toy to test and when we heard that one of our favourite brands Kyjen had introduced a new concept in dog toys for chewers well we had to get some in stock. They are called seamsters and the concept is simple, combine a rubber dog toy with a rawhide chew for dogs who love to chew. So you have a rubber toy, shaped like a bone or a rugby ball, or American Football depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on. The rubber shapes have strategically placed slots which you then thread thin rawhide strips through. Then give to your pooch to investigate, we choose Ozzy McDougal for this test as he is generally more interested in the chew type toys. He has the small weave bone seamster toy in his paws and as you can see he is kept pretty busy with the toy. He spent quite a while trying to get the rawhide bits off the toy and even after the strip was removed he was still quite interested in the toy. The best thing was that he could only get little bits of the rawhide chew off the toy at any one time making it a much safer option, than just giving him the rawhide chew on is own. We have the full range in stock as well as the replacement rawhide strips designed to complement the toys. The recommendation is to soak the specially designed rawhide strips in water to let them soften, rethread the toy and leave it to harden before letting your dog have the toy again for safety reasons. However we also found that the very thin strips of hide chew available in supermarkets or pet shops will sometimes fit depending on their thickness, but they will not be as easy to thread. An added bonus with the football shaped toy is that the two halves are actually threaded together and there is space inside to place a few smaller treats or pieces of dried kibble, making it an even more interesting toy for your curious pooch. Once again Kyjen have come up with a great toy range which we are sure will prove very popular with all of our doggie customers.

  • Kyjen Gecko Invincibles

    We have a great new range of invincibles dog toys from Kyjen just in time for christmas. If your dog loves squeaky toys, but gets bored when they have managed to puncture the squeaker these toys could be just what you need. The toys are fun gecko designs in blue or orange fabric with no stuffing, just the special design squeaker inside they are available in two sizes. You can see one being tested in the video below. Now then of course the toy is not totally indestructible no dog toy is, and if you let your dog chew through the fabric then the gecko will be no more. Having two cairn terriers we know only too well how dogs can nibble and nibble until guess what there is a little hole, the stuffing is removed together with the squeaker. Bye Bye Toy. These toys do not contain any stuffing and whilst we cannot guarantee that this toy will last forever, if your dog is less of a nibbler and more of a squeak freak then this toy will continue to squeak even when they have managed to puncture it.

  • New Kyjen Dog Toys tested by the Boys

    We are so excited to at last have a huge range of the fantastic dog toys from Kyjen in our shop. These toys are a little bit different to the usual dogs toys, plus they are extra durable so your pooch will have longer lasting fun.

    Dougal with Kyjen Dog Toy


    Of course Dougal and Ozzy had to get in on the act and as soon as the toys arrived they helped us out by testing the Alligator Long Body Squeaker Mat. This amazing dog toy has 16 squeakers plus a rattle so just think of all the fun your pooch will have wrestling this super toy. You can see how big it is compared to the boys, they are both Cairn Terriers so love to romp around the place with their toys. Little Ozzy also likes to snuggle down with his after a play time session.
    Ozzy with Kyjen Dog Toy


    We have a few more Kyjen dog toys to add on to the website today, but you can have a look at the range so far and why not have a sneaky look at the Christmas Shop we are creating where we will be bringing you all the best festive toys and treats for your furry friends.

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