Amazing finds for the furry kind


  • Kyjen Gecko Invincibles

    We have a great new range of invincibles dog toys from Kyjen just in time for christmas. If your dog loves squeaky toys, but gets bored when they have managed to puncture the squeaker these toys could be just what you need. The toys are fun gecko designs in blue or orange fabric with no stuffing, just the special design squeaker inside they are available in two sizes. You can see one being tested in the video below. Now then of course the toy is not totally indestructible no dog toy is, and if you let your dog chew through the fabric then the gecko will be no more. Having two cairn terriers we know only too well how dogs can nibble and nibble until guess what there is a little hole, the stuffing is removed together with the squeaker. Bye Bye Toy. These toys do not contain any stuffing and whilst we cannot guarantee that this toy will last forever, if your dog is less of a nibbler and more of a squeak freak then this toy will continue to squeak even when they have managed to puncture it.

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