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Happy Birthday

  • Belated Birthday Post

    Trust us to take some great pictures of Ozzy McDougal's Birthday on the 11th August and then totally forget to share them. It is hard to believe that it is almost a year since this little bundle of trouble came into our lives. Having forgotten what it was like to have a pup, remember old Mr Dougal is 16 years old this year, we have only just got over the shock of having a new pup! Anyhow we decided to make a fuss of Ozzy who is now sometimes known as Dougal-Tini or Mookie for some strange reason, its funny that even pets seem to get nick names! So we baked some biscuits and let him have one of our great Egg Babies toys as a birthday present.

    Home Made Dog Biscuits


    We tested them on Humans First!  Mark actually commented that they would go well with some cheese, they were lamb and mint flavour treats and were really easy to make. Just chuck all the ingredients into a food processor, wizz them up, roll out the dough and bake!

    Tested on Humans


    Human testers Ryan, Mark and Adam really did taste them as well as posing for some pictures , and helping out with making the actual treats!

    Dogs waiting for Treats


    Dougal Tini's Birthday Present all wrapped up ready and waiting. He loved his Egg Baby toy, actually he liked the eggs inside the egg baby more than the actual toy itself which is designed by those great guys at Kyjen and is a cute little duck with three eggs inside ( which squeak). The general idea is that the toys are for dogs who like to rip open plush toys to find the squeaker - like almost every dog we have ever known. You simply show the dog that they can get the squeaking eggs out to play with and they are then discouraged from ripping the toy apart.


    Sadly Dougal-Tini did not really get the idea, well he is just a baby, so he loved playing with the three squeaking eggs much more than the bigger toy and we spent all evening retrieving the eggs from under various bits or furniture. I expect that he will get the idea in time, suffice to say that a great day was had by all and the toy, including the three eggs is still intact! We did take some video footage of the little tyke playing with his new toy so watch out for that soon. He had a great Birthday and we all loved making a fuss of him with his homemade biscuits we just can't believe that a year has gone by so fast!

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