Amazing finds for the furry kind


  • Relax My Dog

    With Halloween and Bon Fire night just around the corner we have been on the look out for ways to calm and relax the dogs. We came across Relax My Dog which is calming music mixed with high pitched frequencies to capture the dog's attention. The guys at Relax My Dog believe that the music and frequencies used can help dogs overcome phobias, reduce stress and generally lower anxiety levels. They also have blended some environmental sounds into the tracks so that you dog will become more comfortable when they hear these sounds outside your home. We have started playing the free track which is available on youtube to the pooches when they have their quiet time after the morning walk, and again in the evening when Mr Ozzy McDougal usually wants to go for a crazy run around. The results are quite amazing, they both just stare at the speaker for a while and then they sit down, closely followed by lying down, and then some gentle snoring takes over. We have even played it at bed time and find the classical music quite relaxing for humans as well. So if you have a dog who you know is going to be anxious this halloween then why not give the freebies available from Relax My Dog a try over the next week and who knows you might have a more relaxing Halloween.

  • Happy Halloween

    I got this picture from one of my friends in the USA, they really know how to do Halloween in the states and I think this picture says it all. I love all of the different designs of carvings in the pumpkins. The most we usually manage is the typical scary smiling face. But I feel inspired to try harder this year!


    A great big Happy Halloween to you all, but remember to make sure all your pets are safe inside before all the fireworks and bonfires start!

  • Halloween Plush Dog Toys

    While we were stocktaking this weekend we realised that we have just a few of these cute Halloween Ghost plush dog toys left and even better they are at a special price of just £7.99.



    All dogs love plush toys and although they do not last forever these will probably last longer than the ordinary plush toy as they are made from two extremely durable fabrics, Starensier's Cosmo Cool Spacer and Diesel, which are commonly used in top the range trainers. It squeaks as well, so it will scare off any ghosts this Halloween. So why not treat your pooch this Halloween to a toy that is a little bit different.

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