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Ginormous Snake

  • Kyjen Ginormous Invincibles Snake - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 7

    Now then I am not saying that bigger is always better, we all know that sometimes the best presents come in the smallest packages. However today's competition prize is an exception to the rule. Those clever guys at Kyjen have created a ginormous range of toys for your poochie pal and we have the invincibles snake in our furry paws! All I can say is it is huge and possible the largest dog toy available in the Uk right now. As you can hear we had to lock the boys out of this video but you can hear Ozzy McDougal barking away in the background, he was very keen to get his nashers into the oversized toy. Like its smaller brothers the ginormous snake contains the invincible squeakers that keep on squeaking even when they get punctured by a dog's tooth so if your dog is a squeaker fiend then these toys are simple the best. This huge snake contains an amazing 12 squeakers so that is more than enough to keep the pooch occupied this christmas and beyond. When we manage to get the ginormous snakes on to the site later today they will retail for £19.99 and we do have limited quantities of the ginormous snake but we have loads of the smaller versions available. Just a word about the name invincible..there is no such thing as a totally invincible dog toy, if there were such a thing then I guess we would be out of business very soon. These toys are tough and the squeaker will carry on squeaking after your dog has punctured the squeaker. BUT if you have a determined chewer, you know the kind of dog who sniffs out the weakness in any plush toy and nibbles away until a seam is undone, well no toy will last that long. We suggest that you keep an eye on how your dog plays with plush toys, we tend to keep toys like this for special treats, our dogs get rewarded for good behaviour with some supervised play with this type of toy. Yes they are more expensive than some of the toys we stock but for special occasions they are great fun for your dog. Ok enough... Here is all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these ginormous snakes for your pooch! How to enter : 1. Simply post a comment on our blog telling us the best 'invincible' toy your dog has ever had. The competition is open from 10am on the 7th December until 10am on the 8th of December and we will announce the winner sometime on the 8th. Check back in tomorrow when we have another great competition.

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