Amazing finds for the furry kind

Etsy finds

  • Hearts and Hounds

    You all know how we love hunting down great new items on Etsy well imagine our  surprise when we realised that one of our lovely twitter pals @sukesu is the mastermind behind Hearts and Hounds! What is even better they are based in the UK in Lincoln (not that far away from us)

    Just look at this lovely apron with some cute Scotty Dogs it would look right at home in our kitchen and these irresistible cushions would make fab christmas presents for any greyhound or scotty lovers out there. Susan was inspired to create Hearts and Hounds by her love of dogs, especially her 3 gorgeous greyhounds , and her love of all things heart shaped. She started by making fabric hearts for friends and 'pooch pillows' for their homes and dogs. Where possible natural fabrics and home-grown, dried herbs (when available) are used and each item is handmade in her dining room sewing salon! How lovely to find some great Etsy gear so close to home!

  • Cute toys in time for Summer

    Cute Ice Cream cone Dog Toys


    It is hard to believe that it is summer time when we look outside our window and see nothing but clouds, although it is quite hot we all miss the lovely sunshine. So we thought that these great toys from Bizyb who has a shop on Etsy would cheer up all you pooches who fancy a treat. These gorgeous little cup cakes and ice cream cones are made from pure cotton and are filled with eco friendly 'extra squishy' bamboo stuffing. They are not really designed for doggies but we think that a small careful non destructive doggie would love these cute toys. We love them and will be hunting down some more doggie friendly toys on Etsy soon.

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