Amazing finds for the furry kind


  • Dougal's Den Ducks

    Welcome to our four lovely ladies! Beaky, Feathers, Margo and Webber. We were asked to look after Beaky the duck by our farm friends as she needs to be kept safely locked away overnight to keep her safe from Mr Fox and when we got her we though she was a bit lonely so we got her some new pals. As you can see the ducks absolutely love their paddling pool, and they are now so tame that they will almost eat corn from our hands. They are a bit of extra work as we have to make sure they have clean water at all times and we also have the delight of duck poo clearing which takes part on Sunday mornings. The dogs treat them very differently, Dougal basically ignores them Ozzy however is a different matter I think in typical terrier fashion he is planning the moment he can get through the fence to do some duck chasing. The girls are lovely to watch splish splashing around and the sheer delight they get from a plastic pool full of water makes me smile.

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