Amazing finds for the furry kind

Doggie inspired

  • Dougal's Den hunts down some new gift ideas for dog lovers

    Spring Fair Logo This week is a busy week at Dougal's Den as it is the annual visit to Spring Fair where we will be hunting down the latest gifts available for dog lovers. We will be at Spring Fair on Wednesday hoping to find some great new gift ideas for all you dog lovers ( and cat lovers out there ). Don't worry the shop is open as usual thanks to the lovely Molly and the dogs' dad who will be holding the fort while I make my way round the gazillions of stands at the NEC. We hope to find some card suppliers who can provide us with some lovely greetings cards both "from the dog" and "to the dog"  and we will also be on the look out for some pet inspired stationery items as we know how much you all love to cheer up your desk or study with some pet related stuff. We will also be on hunt for some pet inspired signs as well as some cushions and throws with pawsitive appeal. We have been asked for kitchen items with a pet feel...tea towels, oven gloves so they are all on the list as well. We would love to find some pet inspired games, having seen the dog version of Monopoly hopefully we can track them down at the show. This time I will be taking along my trusty wheeled suitcase and looking a bit like an air hostess! Having been to this type of show before I know only too well how many leaflets, handouts and brochures I tend to come away with and while I am still recovering from the broken toe incident I think I need to make sure the carrying process as easy as possible. Of course even though it is a 'gift' show there are some pet specific suppliers there so we will be hunting them down to see if their products fit with the type of things we stock at Dougal's Den. Finally because we love to support our local businesses we are also on the lookout for our friends next door at Becalmed  and Bo Belles opposite, we will no doubt come back with lots of lovely pampering gift product ideas as well as some beautiful baby gift items and kiddie stuff. It will be a long and a busy day, but hopefully a fruitful visit to the NEC. We can't wait to tell you all about the new gifts we find on our visit. Is there a pet inspired product you have been trying to find? Let us know by posting a comment and we will let you know if we find it!

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