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  • Pet Head Shampoo - Tried and Tested

    Darcy in Bath


    This is Darcy who is the sister of @poppy_dog on twitter. Poppy is a good friend of Dougal so when we were looking for someone to test out some of our shampoo products I immediately thought of Pops. Then I forgot that she really really does not like having a bath, but it was no problem for clever Poppy who asked her Darcy to try the Pet Head Dirty Talk Shampoo. As you can see she looks quite happy having her bath, and I think we might have a film star in the making, she really knows how to pose for the camera!
    Darcy after her bath


    You can read Darcy's review about the Dirty Talk shampoo on the site she really is a cheeky lady so be sure to check it out! We have lots more Pet Head Products including some neat brushes to make sure that after a bath your pooch can have the full pamper package. They will all be on the site very soon. Our top tip for a great bath time and to help your shampoo last longer, is to apply the shampoo with a scrunchie, you can get a really good lather even on think coats. As a special treat if you order any shampoo or conditioner from us we will send you a free scrunchie. Thanks to Poppy and Darcy for being our 1st official testers!

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